Local Volunteers Ready
to Help Seniors

John Haak

While we all look forward to bigger and better local services for seniors there is no need to wait. Mountain Bible Church has local volunteers trained and organized to assist seniors in such areas as transportation, housekeeping, meals, respite care for caregivers, friendly visits, budgeting, minor car repair/maintenance and many similar needs. Call the church office to request help, 408-353-2302.

For seniors in the Santa Clara Valley, we are also part of a network of volunteers called Love INC of Santa Clara County. Longridge Road mountain resident Don Strand is executive program director for this nonprofit organization. The network is made up of 39 Protestant and Catholic churches from Gilroy to Palo Alto. Their Help Line is 408-379-9223 operating out of office space donated by Big Redwood Park mountain residents Rob and Judy Panza.

Mountain residents who volunteer at the Love INC office every week are Joann Milburn of Gist Road, George Ewing of Upper Ellen Road, Sarah Hagedorn of Stetson Road, and Carolyn Johnson of Mt. Bache Road.

All services are provided without regard to religious background or interest.


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