Where flowers bloom, there is hope.
Maison du Lac
Neil Wiley

Sheltering in place isn’t that bad. After all, home, even lived in alone, is home. Yet after weeks of isolation, solitude became confinement.

I love to hike and share the experience in words and pictures, but I’ve written about most of the local trails, parks, and beaches. I wanted to share something beautiful and new while respecting the rule of staying home, or at least near home.

I found such a nearby place. It was beautiful, quiet, and natural. It was Maison du Lac.
This is more than a lovely estate. It is the lifetime creation of Patti Hughes, with many acres of small lakes, forests, meadows, gardens, and thousands of flowers.

Patti took me for a tour that looped around the entire estate. Each area provided a different experience: a walk with a lakeside view, through shaded paths, by colorful trees, under giant redwoods, and across large, green meadows. It wasn’t a formal garden. It was a work of art that simply displayed nature at its best.

These pictures were taken in one afternoon in a world of beauty. Thank you, Patti.