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This cute little bobcat came wandering up to our house about a month ago in the morning
while my brother and I were watching TV.
The little cat was only about 6" or 8" tall at the shoulder.
We think it was trying to drink the water we put outside for our pet cats.
The pictures are taken through glass windows.

Julia Selfridge



Just wanted to share this picture of our VERY tame hummingbird
taking a drink off our deck in Redwood Estates. Enjoy!
Gordon and Lisa Ghelardi.





Mountain resident Christine Sprowl Tetak saw this flock of turkeys on the day before Thanksgiving. They are either very brave, very stupid, or let's say trusting.

Photo by Christine Sprowl Tetak


The bobcat photograph was shot in our back yard that borders Schulties Road, close to where it joins Old Santa Cruz Highway. This guy (I'm assuming it's a male, but I haven't gotten that close!) visits most days and likes to sit on the tree stump. I think this gives him a better view for hunting field mice. He won't let me get close enough to fill the frame, so for Christmas my wife gave me a wireless remote. This allows me to put the camera on a tripod, pre-focus on the tree stump, and fire the shutter from the house. It was shot with a Nikon D300 using an f2.8 80 - 200mm lens.

David Fullagar



Photo by Paul Tumason

On my way out to my van this morning (December 3) at 7:05 am, I saw this bobcat in our meadow, just sitting there.
It did not seemed alarmed at my presence, but after a while it just meandered around for a few minutes, allowing me to take a few photographs.
It went north, toward Summit Road, between my pole shed and corral, which are directly across Summit from Timmus Lane..
Luckily I had a camera. I didn't have my telephoto lens that I use for portraits at the studio, so these are as good as I could get.

Paul Tumason

This proud buck was photographed
 in early November
by Rafael Riquelme
 near 21030 Summit Road.


Mountain Lions
David Tharp, Santa Clara County Open Space Authority,
caught these mountain lions in camera traps from the authority's
Catamount and Bald Peaks cameras
in the Rancho Canada del Oro Open Space Preserve.
This beautiful wildland preserve is located between Loma Prieta and Calero Reservoir.

Photos, courtesy of Santa Clara County Open Space Authority


Cindy Brinkman

Hello,  I didn't have a mountain lion sighting, but I did see a bobcat in my backyard.  First time we have ever seen one.  I live in lower Redwood Estates near Holy City.  It was about 4 in the afternoon and I thought it was my grey tabby.  Then I noticed it only had half a tail, tufts on the ears and a more stockier/muscular build than my tabby.  I don't think it was full grown, maybe an adolescent? 
Yesterday had an opposum at my front door.  I have not seen one of those up here since we moved in 6+ years ago.  I have an extremely friendly skunk and her young skunk that will actually let me pet them while they eat from the outdoor cat food dish.  In fact when I try to take the food dish away, the momma skunk grabs the bowl and tries to keep me from taking it away.  It is quite cute. 
Thanks for the great news all the time in the wonderful MNN magazine.


Mountain Lions
Boyana Morgenthaler

Boyona saw a mountain lion as she was driving south on Spanish Ranch Road on October 21 at about 8 p.m. Later that night she heard noises near her swimming pool on Spanish Ranch but didn't see the mountain lion again.



Mountain Lion
Janice Enright

On September 24 at approximately 9:00 a.m., I too had a mountain lion sighting.  The cub matches the description of the pictures in the October issue of MNN.  The cub was strolling southbound on Old Santa Cruz Highway just a few yards from the Aldercroft Heights turn off.

That was not my first sighting.  About six months ago I spotted a cub along the northbound center divide of Highway 17 near Montevina area.  It may have been a victim of a hit and run.

 A year prior to that, I spotted a deceased cub along the southbound center divide in approximately the same vicinity.  All sightings matched the pictures in the October issue. 


Mountain Lions
Michael and Ashley Testa

Two mountain lion cubs were sighted (and photographed) on September 4 at the southwest end of lower Sky View Terrace in Villa del Monte by Michael and Ashley Testa. The mother was not seen. The cubs stayed for about ten minutes to have their pictures taken, then disappeared.

If their mother is still alive, the cubs could be many miles away. Mountain lions can have extremely large territories, some up to one hundred square miles. If the cubs are alone, their survival is doubtful.



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