There are many old cars in our mountains. Some run; some don't. Some are beautiful; others need a coat of paint. But wherever you find an old car, you'll find someone who loves it.

In the months to come, we hope many old car lovers will share their stories and pictures. What's your car story? Tell us about it. Call Neil at 408-353-1901 or e-mail 

Old cars of the Santa Cruz Mountains

John's 1934 Alvis

Ken's 1964 Amphicar

Neil's Old Cat (1970 Jaguar E-type)

Beverly's 1968 Charger

Paul's 1955 T-bird

Chris Zynda's 1949 Dragster

Neil's 1984 WORDVET

Phil's 1930 Packard

Barbara's 1931 Chrysler

Jeff's 2000 Hybrid Honda

Bill's 1985 Nissan Truck

Patty’s 2002 Toyota RAV4 EV


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