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From our January issue


Loma Prieta Community Foundation
Honoring Charlie Norman
Sanjay Khandelwal

After 28 years as a valued member, Charlie Norman has decided to retire from the board of the Loma Prieta Community Foundation. As a founding member of LPCF, Charlie and like-minded community members had a vision of a community center. Charlie’s devotion to the concept of a community/school partnership providing facilities and programs prompted him to take a leadership role in many projects. Two of the LPCF projects for which Charlie was the driving force were the relocation of the Gazebo from the Pruneyard in Campbell to the Loma Prieta Playfield, and the installation of the emergency generator at the school.

Over the years, Charlie has been involved in many community activities. He was a school-board member and a founder and longtime member of the Loma Prieta Volunteer Fire Department. In the early days of Theatre in the Mountains, Charlie built sets. He also judged the science fair at C. T. English. He was a charter member of the Loma Prieta Amateur Radio Club and of the Mountain Emergency Response Corps.

The community is invited to join LPCF and the volunteer fire crew in honoring and thanking Charlie for his many years of service at the Loma Prieta School Forum on Saturday, January 21, from 3 to 6 p.m. Please bring cookies, finger foods or something else to share. LPCF will provide a cake and drinks. (No alcohol is permitted on school property.)
For updates about the event, visit www.lpcf.org, or call 408-834-7765.  Email messages for Charlie to info@lpcf.org, or mail cards and letters to LPCF, 23800 Summit Road, Los Gatos, CA, 95033.

Loma Prieta Fire and Rescue
Firefighter Lance Lougée
Robert Morrish
This month’s firefighter profile focuses on Lance Lougée. He has been active as a volunteer with search-and-rescue teams or other public-safety teams since 1976. He joined Loma Prieta Fire & Rescue in 1999, shortly after moving to the Summit area.

When asked what he likes best about being a department member, Lance responds: “The teamwork – you show up and in thirty minutes something real and significant has changed. How often do you get to experience that at work?”

Speaking of work, joining LPFR actually resulted in a career change for Lance. Shortly after becoming a member, he seriously considered becoming a full-time paid firefighter. But the economy was not doing well at the time and public-safety agencies were not hiring. So Lance started working for a consulting firm and was asked to join Cisco Systems as their emergency-response team manager. “After five years working with Cisco and other Fortune 100 companies, I received a call from SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. By the end of 2007, I was hired as SLAC’s assistant fire marshal and emergency manager. A perfect fit.”

When not busy with that day job or the fire department, Lance enjoys photography, climbing, hiking, and camping with his family. He credits his family with enabling him to do his volunteer work: “I could not do this job without the overwhelming support of my wife and daughter. They are as much responders as I am—dinners postponed, waking up in the middle of the night, home projects delayed, carpools that suddenly have to be rearranged, sympathetic ears after calls.”

What is it like to be a volunteer firefighter? “One of my most memorable calls was responding to an overturned vehicle on Highway 17. It was, of course, the middle of the night and the road was wet from the rain. We arrived on scene and parked sideways across the highway to block the road. I headed over to the car, where I crawled on my stomach to talk to a young mother and her very young daughter, who were both upside down in their buckled seats but otherwise in good shape. A normal conversation ensued: ‘Hi, how are you doing? Nice to meet you, sorry it is under these circumstances.’ It was surreal. When all was said and done, there were no injuries, and mom and daughter were happy to be in each other’s arms.”

“Then there are the calls when the weather is just howling, trees falling, cars sliding, rain blowing sideways and we are out comforting/caring for our neighbors. Great stuff. Or walking through a wildland burn area, middle of the night, the ground is alive with little red embers, the stars are out, the wind has died down and you realize that very few people share this same experience.”

Lance asks the community to share his spirit: “Volunteer! Help a library, deliver food, come to our barbecue, join our team. Whatever you do – participate!”

Ryan Gray, a lifetime mountain resident, placed second at the International Jet Sports Boating Association world finals. The weeklong October event took place at Lake Havasu, Arizona. Over 700 competitors represented 40 state and 35 nations.

Ryan qualified to compete at the world finals at The Bayfair Thunderboat Regatta on Mission Bay in San Diego.  His qualifying competition was a part of the Air National Guard Championship Series sanctioned by the American Power Boat Association.

At Lake Havasu in October he was honored with a second-place plaque for his finish in the Vintage Ski Class.The next day he earned a seventh-place plaque in the Vintage X2 class.  Ryan said that competing at this level and making so many new friends from around the world was the experience of a lifetime.

Evin Wieser, a senior at Los Gatos High School, had a great week in water polo. He was selected for the Olympic development program, awarded MVP of the LGHS varsity water-polo team, and selected for the CCS senior all-star game. To top it off, he was selected MVP of the CCS senior all-star game for divisions 1 and 2.

Sasha Coughlin, mountain resident and sophomore at Presentation High School, was part of the Presentation Varsity volleyball team that recently won State Championships at Irvine on December 3.

Charles ‘Chuck’ Albert Alexander von Damm
1932 - 2011
Chuck was totally devoted to his family, loved Mozart, enjoyed traveling with his wife, Kay, and treasured his participation with his wine-connoisseur club. He was strong-willed and lived his life with his whole heart: a man of science and high-flying imagination, joyous in his love of life, without regret or disappointment.

Born in the East Bay, he lived most of his life in Los Gatos. He attended the old grammar school on University Avenue, except for one year in 1942, when he went to Lakeside School on Black Road, then a one-room schoolhouse. Following his graduation from Los Gatos High School, he served four years in the Air Force during the Korean War where he became an electronics instructor.

He graduated from San Jose State University with a degree in electrical engineering in 1959. Upon graduation, General Electric hired him, where he worked as a nuclear plant-design engineer for 36 years.

Chuck married Kay in 1958. They were happily married for 48 years, until her passing from cancer in 2006. They designed and built their home on Black Road in 1966. There they raised their two daughters. During that time, he was much involved in mountain politics, serving on the Lakeside School board. He also pursued artistic endeavors, including creating in stained glass and teaching weekend workshops for children in his home through the Lyceum of Santa Clara Valley. Chuck passed away in Woodland, California, on November 11. He is survived by daughters Gina and Lia, and his brother Milton. He is missed.


From our November issue

Loma Prieta Volunteer Fire And Rescue
Meet Kevin Tanaka
Robert Morrish

Kevin Tanaka is one of the “newbies” in Loma Prieta Fire and Rescue. He joined the department in July 2009, and completed fire-academy training in April 2010. Despite his brief tenure in the department, Kevin has quickly become a familiar face around the station and has already responded to more than 150 calls.

Kevin’s desire to become a firefighter was a natural progression of volunteer positions. He started in public service as a mobile-radio operator for the Dallas County Emergency Operations Center and then completed a community emergency-response-team class. After moving to California, he joined the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Department’s search-and-rescue team. After a subsequent move to Felton, he transferred to the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s technical rescue team. Kevin explains, “I met Esther, the love of my life, a few years back, and moved with her to Redwood Estates. When I found there was a volunteer fire department on the Summit, it seemed like a natural fit, and I joined up.”

When Kevin removes his turn-outs and ventures down into the valley for his “day job,” he is senior manager of worldwide automotive marketing and product planning for Xilinx. Kevin and Esther are also avid scuba divers, but it’s clear that a lot of his “free time” is spent with the department. When asked how Esther feels about all that time spent away, Kevin responds, “She’s extremely patient and supportive of me and my time with the department. Without her in my corner, there is absolutely no way that I would be able to do this.”  

As for what makes Kevin devote so much time to the department: “There are two motivators for me. One is that I feel like I have the training and skills to be able to help in the community, and that keeps me coming back. The other one is the people. The firefighters at Loma Prieta Fire, the wonderful CalFire crew at Burrell station, and their officers down in Felton are a great group of down-to-earth people.”

Kevin’s most memorable call to date is a response to a house fire. He says: “Between Loma Prieta Fire, CalFire, and Santa Clara Engine 4, we were able to contain the fire to one room and minimize damage to the house. What struck me was seeing people, our neighbors on this hill, standing there and watching us work, and then thanking us as we left the scene. That ‘thank you’ meant the world to me and makes all the time and effort we put in worth it.”

* * *

Joe Weed and Marty Kendall just can’t stop spinning their wheels. Ever since their journey across Spain, the subject of Marty’s book, Full Cycle, A Family’s Ride Across Spain, they have loved bike touring. This fall they spent a month cycling in New England and Quebec, the French-speaking “Belle Province” in Eastern Canada. For them, Laissez les bon temps rouler means, “Let the good times--and tires--roll.”

* * *

Tim and Diane Kleiner of Highland Way are happy to announce the engagement of their son Josh to Erin Wratschko. Josh and Erin are graduates of U.C., Santa Barbara, and are currently living on a Navajo reservation in New Mexico. Erin teaches second grade, and Josh telecommutes to his engineering job in Solvang, California. In addition to bouldering (a form of rock climbing) and snowboarding, they are locally active in capoeira, a martial art and dance form from Brazil, which they taught to children in Rwanda this past summer.


From our October issue

Wendy and Alex Leman have announced the engagement of their daughter Katherine Lynn to Aaron Russell VanArsdale. The couple met while both were working for Great Lakes Airlines. Katie attended Loma Prieta, C.T. English, Los Gatos High School, and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. She is a captain with Great Lakes. Aaron is a first officer with Allegiant Airlines. They are planning a wedding in 2012.

Virginia Harte, granddaughter of Harold and Shirley Hoyt works on the zeppelin Eureka. She performed hostess duties along with other jobs on the zeppelin’s six-month cross-country trip. They traveled across the southern states, as well as Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Illinois. They were the featured airship at the Oshkosh Wisconsin Air Show. The zeppelin, sponsored by Farmers Insurance, will make its way home to Moffett Field near the end of September. Virginia has always loved to fly. Her career goal was to work in the aviation industry. She graduated from C.T. English Middle School, Los Gatos High School, and John Cabot University in Rome, Italy.

Rachel Ann Care who attended University of California, Los Angeles, has been awarded a Fulbright U.S. Student Program scholarship to Germany in biology by the U.S. Department of State and the J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board.

Benjamin Stassart, son of mountain residents Philippe “Ari” Stassart and Elise Moss, wed Melanie Rose Breedlove on August 15, at the Gardens at Heather Farm in Walnut Creek, CA.  Benjamin is a graduate of Fisher Middle School and Los Gatos High School. He has a BSEE degree from U.C. Santa Cruz. 

Wild Place, a collection of poems by Erica Goss, is now available from Finishing Line Press (www.finishinglinepress.com). Erica has been writing poetry since she was a child. As a writer, she is interested in the tenuous intersection of the wild and the domesticated. Her poems often deal with how far people can encroach upon nature, where the boundaries are, and how we project our own hopes and fantasies upon the natural world. According to Richard Krawler, “In this moving, lyrical book of poems, Erica Goss focuses on the ways people deal with the changes life brings. ‘The dog and I are getting older…neither one of us is interested in chasing after men on motorcycles anymore.’ For Goss, the world is finally a place of acceptance and hope ‘… stitched together / from the loosest of tissues.’”

Redwood Estates resident Shelley Bates, now writing Amish women’s fiction under the pen name Adina Senft, celebrates the release of her twentieth published novel, The Wounded Heart, found in bookstores everywhere (including Bookshop Santa Cruz).

From our September issue

Summit Veterinary Hospital
New Veterinarian

Dr. Deborah Moreno was born and raised in Weed, California, a small mountain town near the Oregon border in the foothills of Mt. Shasta. She received her bachelor’s degree in microbiology and immunology from U.C., Berkeley, in 1981. She was awarded her doctor of veterinary medicine degree from U.C., Davis, in 1986. After practicing in Oakland for six years, Dr. Moreno decided to move to a place where there were more trees than people, reflecting her love of nature and the environment.

She chose the Santa Cruz Mountains where she has made her home and raised a family since 1992. She was the practice owner at Pajaro Valley Veterinary Hospital in Freedom for 13 years. She recently sold the business, in part to more fully enjoy her off-time activities of hiking with her dogs in the redwood forest, spending time with her family, and working in her vegetable and flower garden. She brings a dedication to the practice of small animal medicine and a special interest in surgery and preventive care.

Dr. Moreno’s dogs: Chispa is a seven-year-old labrador and Desso is a three-month-old golden retriever.

Michael Shamshoian graduated in May from The University of Southern California, with a degree from their Marshall School of Business. He received the prestigious Paul Wineman excellence award his senior year. He was treasurer of his fraternity Phi Kappa Psi, and one of only two Marshall students to be recruited by LinkedIn, where he currently works in sales. Mike attended Lexington Elementary School, Fisher Middle School, and Los Gatos High School where he won many awards playing water polo.

Loma Prieta/C.T. English Reunion
Donna Supernaw Carson

Thank you everyone who came to the reunion. It was a blast.
We had 140 alumni/faculty from 1965-2007 officially sign in, and I know there were several others who missed checking in. With spouses and kids, there were close to 300 people in attendance. It was a great afternoon with wonderful company and wonderful weather this time, too.

I have posted the class photos and some candid ones on Facebook. You can find them on my wall or the Loma Prieta school alumni-group page. For those of you not on Facebook, they are posted on the alumni website. I know some people had to leave early or came late and missed their class photos, but, hopefully, they are in some of the other photos.

I want to thank everyone who helped me (and I apologize if I forget to name everyone). Thank you to Sandra Wothers, Jerry Supernaw, Kim Nielsen, Jennifer Gelhaus, and Michelle Hoeppner who helped me with set up, check in, round people up for photos, and clean up. Thank you to Doug Pannabecker and Maren Nelson for bringing old yearbook photos for some of the classes I was missing. Thank you to Barry Pannabecker for setting up the event page on Facebook. Thank you to Kevin Cunningham who took a ton of photos and put together a slide show of the reunion. Thank you to David Jacobs who posted the pictures to the alumni site, and thank you for spreading the word about the reunion. I appreciate your help making the reunion a success.
It was so much fun seeing everyone reconnect with old mountain friends. Our years on the mountain were clearly special. We were very lucky to have grown up (or taught) in such a wonderful, close-knit community.

Thanks for coming to share old memories and to create new ones. I look forward to seeing you at the next reunion in 2016.


From our August issue

Alison Santana
Paul and Laura Santana are proud to announce that their daughter, Alison Santana, has earned the degree of Doctor of Medicine from University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine. After her graduation in May, Alison started her internship/residency specializing in pediatrics at University of Colorado School of Medicine in Denver. Alison attended Loma Prieta Elementary, C.T. English Middle School (1997), Los Gatos High School (2001), and U.C., Davis (2005).


Highway 17 Repairs
As a mountain resident who commutes daily on Highway 17, I appreciate the detailed information in [the July issue] about the Caltrans work on Highway 17. However, as a lifelong California resident, I was shocked reading the article. With the state’s coffers literally being billions over budget, it is still unclear to me why $18 million of taxpayer money are being spent “repairing” Highway 17. Perhaps there is more information about the repairs than was shared by Caltrans in this article, but it appears to me that we just went through one of the worst winters in recent memory, and our beloved Highway did just fine. So why is $18 million being spent?

In summary, great article on what is happening and how to cope with the repair work. However, I still question the fiscal logic of the infrastructure investments this year. I wonder how many fellow mountain residents are thinking the same thing.
Brett Holmes

Los Gatos High School
Featured Mountain Participants and Honor Graduates
Mountain students played featured roles at the Los Gatos High School graduation ceremonies. Nicky Robinson appeared in a duo performing a “Farewell” rap. Senior officers from the mountains included class president Meghan Donovan and treasurer Joe Oswald. Class representatives were Jensen Fabris and Becca Dobyns. Jensen also was in a trio that sang the Alma Mater.

Mountain honor graduates with a 4.0 GPA or higher: Rachael Abraham, Braden Anderson, Katie Hunt, Nicholas Robinson, Aaron Selfridge, Trent Voris, and Tina Wang.

Skyland Mountain Run
Race Results

Jennifer Busam

5K Results

The 5K female overall winner was Jennifer Foster in 22:01.

Under 14
Aubrey Scheibel, 28:56
Cali Vance, 30:55
Emmy Rose, 32:20

Haley Weiner, 23:02
Summer Vance, 27:56
Deanna Burn, 31:20

Katie Sheldon, 22:42
Laura Judson, 27:50
Staci Hansen, 29:23

Camille Dee, 31:01
Laura Rogers, 32:22
Jamie Kille, 35:21

Kimberly Carleton, 25:16
Katie Maleta, 26:12
Soraya Scheibel, 28:58

Lori Fabris, 25:25
Sandra Sigurdson, 27:42
Elizabeth Dessuge, 30:16

Carollyn Kufis, 43:25
Ann Polon, 43:27
Peggy Smith, 47:07

Ann Dunham, 47:23
Phyllis Karsten, 49:50

The 5K male overall winner was Grant Foster with a time of 17:33.

Under 14
Chris Foster, 17:58
Nathan Frear. 25:30
Anthony Holt, 29:12

Kevin Fasteen, 22:04
Girolamo Ballistera, 31:21

Matt Hall, 24:49
David Bridges, 26:59
Brett Auer, 33:43

Thomas Duarte, 24:32
Syd Mollecamp, 31:06
Chris Hickey, 32:19
Barry Hill, 35:17
Sanjay Ghatare, 36:24

Gerold O’Regan, 24:09
Tim Fasteen, 33:40
Jon Sakurai, 45:27

Jeff Arnett, 26:00
Sam Sawyer, 27:36
David Nolley, 39:53

Victor Longo, 37:26
Myron Smith, 40:39
Joe Lobianco, 44:23

10K Results

The 10K overall female winner was Else Sinsigalli with a time of 40:40.

Under 14
Genevieve Plageman, 58:57

Alicia Skillicorn, 57:57
Snehal Ghatare, 59:51
Aleya Caballero, 1:04:35

Anj Schuyler, 52:48
Patty Madden, 57:52
Danielle LaPorte, 1:00:09

Amy Burton, 43:20
Paige Moore, 53:25
Maria Gregg, 55:00

Sonia Plagemo, 53:05
Lisa Lampros, 56:21
Skye McCaw, 1:01:27

Nora Mayor, 47:09
Paddy O’Regan, 48:37
Ellen McCullough, 50:55

The 10K overall male winner was Dane Sawyer with a time of 34:59.

Under 14
Daniel Dabel, 46:01
Marvin Qi, 48:28

Ravi Garcia, 1:01:32

George Kufis, 47:26
Joe Jensen, 48:30
Larry Lona, 53:57

Tim Naylor, 36:25
Jason Reed, 38:48
Andrew Shinn, 38:49

Mike Norcia, 39:47
Adam Blum, 42:25
Fred Plageman,149:35

Kirk Flatow, 43:15
Steve McGowan, 43:35
Randy Simmons, 46:07

Steve Tredway, 56:32
Rick Swayne, 59.41


Los Gatos High School
Mountain Students Graduating in the
Class of 2011

Kristine Joy Abelson
Rachael Eileen Abraham*
Deana Irene Alloin
Braden Chase Anderson*
David C. Anderson
Jakob William Appleton
Luke Isaac Aronie*
Lillie Anne Ashenfelter*
Richard John Ashford
Neil James Barnby
Jeffrey David Barnett*
Laura Alise Black
Steven Thomas Bourque
Cody Michael Brinkmann
Dylan Jay Brody
Connor Thien-Long Bui*
Kevin Andrew Carscallen
Rodger Timothy Caudill
Chelsea Lynne Charbonneau
Carlin Cassandra Davis
Rebecca Anne Dobyns*
Meghan Patricia Donovan
Chelsea Ann Everts*
Jensen Marie Fabris*
Nicholas Wialbut Faraj
Denis Sergey Flynn
Sean Michael Flynn
Catlin Elizabeth Fogarty*
Kelly Marie Gardiner
Julia Amelie Gautho
Cole Michael Gibson
Shelby Hope Glenn
Samuel Gonzalez
Adam James Gouldsberry*
Elizabeth Ann Gustafson
Cody Helton Hansen*
Aaron Colum Harmon
Ryan Daniel deLisle Harris
Andrew Elden Heimer
Elizabeth Anne Hill
Lucas Harrison Hollander
Michael Curtis Homer*
Lei Huang*
Lauren Nicole Hulse
Katie Lee Hunt*
Catherine Megan Hutchings
Connor David Impey
JonathonThomas Impey
Kenneth John Jatho
Zachary Alan Karr
Joseph Chandler Lambert
Viatcheslav Kvassov
Jack Armstrong Larsen
Liana Marie Leal
Tyler James Litle
Olivia Devault Maddox
Chase Alexander Mardesich
Samantha Frances McCarrell*
Jared William McClellan
Douglas Clayton McCleod
Alexander Trauong McNulty
Brianne Janee Medved
Lucas Mertsching
Laura Constance Navarini
Joseph Benjamin Oswald
Brendan O’Neil Perrelli
Andrew Jason Price
Griffin Michael Pryce
Ian Patrick Rajczi*
Preston Caleb Rind
James William Ripley
Nicholas Caleb Robinson*
Logan Marin Rosario
Heather Nicole Rouhier*
Avishan Salem*
Kara Saner
Aaron Roku Selfridge*
Kelsey Morgan Shain
David Thomas Shaw
Ava Caroline Slivkoff
Austin E. Stamp
Robert Eugene Temmerman III*
Andrew Jason Tjon*
Sarah Jane Totemoff
Timothy Huu Truong
Sierra Lyn Vance*
Trent Thomas Voris*
Kylie Rose Webb
Tanner Lee Wingo
Krisrian Wisinnski-Sanchez
Hayden Robert Wong
Noami Zepeda

* Life Member California Scholarship Federation



From our July issue

Locals in the News
Marlene Wiley


On Broadway XXII, Shine! was a delightful show by Los Gatos High School students. Mountain performers were Janessa Anderson, Sally Farmer, Julian Lacey, Michele Logar, Lisa Meehan, Sean Niemann, Rheagan Rizio, and Summer Vance. Behind the scenes were parents Leslie Meehan and Jill Logar.

Award-winning mystery author Gemma Halliday has written three new mysteries: Hollywood Scandals, Hollywood Secrets, and Hollywood Confession. Gemma attended CTE.

Evin Wieser, a Los Gatos High School junior and mountain resident, received the Bausch-and-Lomb Science Award with a $30,000 scholarship to the University of Rochester.
Among the members of the LGHS volleyball team are mountain students Jeff Barnett, Dylan Brody, and Connor Bui.

The LGHS 4-by-100-yard-relay swim team that included mountain resident Evin Wieser, took first place at league championships and qualified to go on to CCS. Forty teams from Northern California qualified to compete but only eight made the finals. Evin’s team came in fifth overall with a time of 3:12.45. The first-place team had a time of 3:08.63.
On race day, the first-place team came in at 3:07.36, and the second-place team at 3:07.58. (These teams came from private schools that recruit swimmers.) Los Gatos came in at 3:07.78, cutting nearly five seconds off their best race time, and achieving an all-American time, as well as coming close to the school record. Evin Wieser cut nearly two seconds off his best time.

Rebecca Lesea, daughter of Denise and Austin Lesea, graduated from California Western School of Law in San Diego with her Juris Doctor degree in April. Rebecca is a graduate of Loma Prieta Elementary School, C.T. English Middle School, Los Gatos High School, and the University of San Diego.

Friday Werner married Jason Apaliski on February 26. Friday grew up in Redwood Estates and attended Lexington Elementary, Fisher Middle School, and Los Gatos High School. She earned a bachelors degree in advertising at the University of Oregon, during which time she traveled around the world in a Semester-at-Sea program. She and Jason have a home in San Francisco where they both work. Jason works in advertising; Friday recently left her career in advertising to work for the City of San Francisco, Department of the Environment. Her charge is to make the city “greener.”

Kurt and Pat Hoffman are proud to announce graduations of their daughter Kristin Hoffman, associates degree and paralegal certificate from West Valley College, and their son Adam Hoffman, bachelors degree in communications from Concordia University, Irvine.

Carl E. Peters, a doctor and a resident of Melody Lane since 1967, passed away on February 10. Carl was a psychiatrist. He practiced in Palo Alto and San Francisco. He is survived by his wife Marlys, son Greg, duaghter-in-law Claudia, grandson Ian, son Alan, daughter-in-law Andrea, and granddaughter Roxene. A memorial service was held May 21 in the Gazebo at the Loma Prieta Playfield.

Loma Prieta Club
Scholarship Winners
Patricia Hughes

The Loma Prieta Club has presented $2000 scholarships to Rachael Abraham and Nicky Robinson.

Rachael Abraham, daughter of Charles and Diane Abraham will attend the University of Rochester, planning to major in Spanish and biology. She has maintained a 4.30 academic GPA plus she is currently taking three AP courses: economics, English, and woodworking. Rachael has over 185 hours of community service. She spent six weeks in Nicaragua teaching in the local school and helped to organize and build a new room for pre-school children. She has been a principal’s scholar and a district scholar of distinction for all four years, and is a Spanish department honors scholar. She was awarded a LGHS softball-MVP award and selected as an all-league player in the DeAnza League. She is known by her teachers, friends, and family for her work ethic, concern for others, and sense of responsibility.

Nicky Robinson, son of Bert and Teresa Robinson, will attend Princeton University, He plans to major in computer science. He has a 4.56 academic-placement GPA. and is taking five advanced-placement courses. Nicky has over 317 hours of community service. He was named Los Gatos youth citizen of the year in 2010. He won the Wildcat service award for his community service and volunteer work. He is the co-founder and vice president of the LGHS philosophy club. He was the webmaster for freshmen skills day. He is known by his teachers, friends, and family for his sense of humor, concern for others, leadership, and sense of responsibility.

Loma Prieta Club
Community Service Award Winner
Ellen Griffin

Each June, the Loma Prieta Club recognizes a graduating C.T. English Middle School student for outstanding community service. This year’s winner is Olivia Griswold. She volunteered over 88 hours in a variety of projects, including organizing and participating in the 25-hour Relay for Life that raised almost $5,000 for cancer research.

Olivia is an honor student and student-body president. She appeared in the school play and is a contributor to a book entitled The Spirit of Silicon Valley: Journeys and Transformations.
Olivia is the daughter of Roberta Nespole and Steve Griswold.


From our June issue

Locals in the News
Marlene Wiley

Joe Weed and wife Martha Kendell traveled on a 27-day, 1200-mile cycling adventure from Houston, Texas, to St. Augustine, Florida. They took their fiddles with them and made music with Cajuns in Texas and Louisiana, and with bluegrass players in Florida. They sweated in sauna-like humidity, were fascinated by a friendly worker’s demo of his crawfish harvest, delighted in seeing the clean white sands of the Gulf Coast, and by the end of the ride were saying, “Y’all enjoy that po’boy, y’heah?” 

Lexington 5th-grader Gwennie Erdosh was a winner in the annual Los Gatos Saratoga Recreation’s Clubhouse-sponsored art contest, for the second year in a row. Her “Riding the Wave” artwork is featured on the cover of the LGS Rec’s Summer 2011 brochure.
Jewelry Artist Elizabeth Lynn Moon donated $280 to the Loma Prieta Education Fund.  This represents a large portion of her jewelry sales during the “Sip for Schools” fundraiser, which was held at Loma Prieta Winery on April 2 and 3. Elizabeth donated to LPEF during last year’s “Sip for Schools” fundraiser as well. To see her work, visit http://www.elizabethlynnmoon.com/home.html.


Special People Receive Recognition at the May Loma Prieta School Board Meeting
Eileen Bevans

Elected by their colleagues, April Fulton was voted classified employee of the year,
and Linda Ito Babcock was voted teacher of the year.

The district superintendent selected Julie Lan as the district volunteer of year.
The following volunteers were selected by their respective governing boards:

The Loma Public Education Fund board awarded Jennifer Straw the Gretchen Goosey
Service Award.

Karen Rothchild was selected volunteer of the year by the Loma
Home and School Club.

Dawn Hooper was named volunteer of the year by the CTE Home and School Club.

Bridget Freiri was named volunteer of the year by the Loma Prieta Community Foundation.

Cari Templeton was named volunteer of the year by the School Site Council.


Interim Superintendent Appointed
Patricia A. Lamson
Paula Lacey

Patricia A. Lamson has been selected to serve as the interim superintendent of the Loma Prieta Joint Union Elementary School District for the 2011-2012 school year. Pat was the best choice, given her outstanding qualifications, expansive knowledge, and desire to aid the board in finding a permanent superintendent.

Pat spent her career in Cupertino Union School District, as a kindergarten teacher, and then principal, associate superintendent of instruction, and ultimately, superintendent of the district. She retired in 1997. For six years, Pat was an adjunct professor in the educational leadership program at San Jose State University.

While superintendent in Cupertino, the San Jose Mercury News named Pat as one of the top ten public administrators in Santa Clara County. She will assume the role of interim superintendent in July.


From our May issue

GHS senior Brianne Medved was named most valuable player of the De Anza division soccer teams. Mountain teammate Heather Rouhier was co-team captain with Brianne. Maddie Medved is another mountain team member.

Corky Black, who coached many mountain teams, is one of five finalists in the Comcast SportsNet All-Star Teacher promotion. The prize is $20,000 that will go to the winning teacher’s school. Corky is in his 36th year of teaching and coaching, mostly at Oak Grove High School in south San Jose.

The five Bay Area teachers were nominated by students who answered questions about the teacher’s commitment to school and community, teaching style, rapport, and outstanding characteristics.  Any of you who know this mountain resident of 28 years and teacher of 36 years know his distinguished character. Biographies of the finalists and the ballot can be found at csnbayarea.com. The winner will be announced at the June 12 San Francisco Giants game. Please vote for Corky Black.

Carl E. Peters, MD, 82, a resident of Melody Lane since 1967, passed away February 10, 2011. Carl was a psychiatrist. He practiced locally and in Palo Alto and San Francisco. He is survived by his wife Marlys, son Greg and daughter-in-law Claudia, grandson Ian,  son Alan and daughter-in-law Andrea, and granddaughter Roxene. There will be a memorial service for Carl on May 2, at 2 p.m., at the Gazebo on the Loma Prieta Playfield.

Summit-area resident Tiana Freiri, a junior at St. Lawrence Academy, was selected to represent St. Lawrence at Girls’ State this summer. California Girls’ State is a leadership program of the American Legion Auxiliary designed to increase awareness and knowledge of governmental processes while learning about the duties, privileges, rights, and responsibilities of citizenship. Tiana will head to Claremont McKenna College this summer to participate in the week-long Girls’ State program with students from throughout California. In addition, because of outstanding academic achievement, Tiana was selected for membership in the National Society of High School Scholars. Tiana is the daughter of mountain residents and proud parents, Robert and Bridget Freiri.

Dana Thompson Retires from Villa del Monte Mutual Water Company
After spending nine years on the Loma Prieta School board in the 1970s, Dana Thompson joined the Villa Del Monte Mutual Water board in 1981.

During her time on the board the water company was involved in adding a required filtration-treatment system to the existing chlorination process. Plans for the filtration plant were begun in 1985 and the new plant was on line by 1987.

In 1986, the water company was changed from a for-profit corporation to a non-profit mutual benefit corporation. As a tax-exempt non-profit corporation the company became eligible for federal, California, and other disaster assistance in time for the 1989 earthquake.
Dana was also involved in the company’s protest of a request for more water by another water user upstream. The water company protected their water rights in Laurel Creek.

Dana retired from the board the first time in 1987. She missed having to deal with the earthquake repairs and the development of the Montevina Pipeline that brought water up from Redwood Estates, a joint FEMA project between Redwood Mutual Water and eight small mountain water companies.

She was asked to return to the board in 1997 by Bob Butler. She worked with FEMA to finish up the pump station and pipeline from Holy City that the company shares with Big Redwood Park at Upper Glenwood. This allowed Villa del Monte to add homeowners whose wells had failed in the earthquake. This increased water supply enabled the water company to grow from 87 connections before the earthquake to 120 homeowners. More connections are available.

Because of new quality requirements in 2000, the water company upgraded the filter plant. To finance this project, the water company applied for a state and federal loan in 2004. It was a long process, but the new filter plant is ready to go on line, and Dana has retired again.

As president of the company, Dana Thompson was a wise leader, a strong manager, and a tireless worker. She will be missed.

From our April issue

Mountain writer Jana McBurney-Lin is a volunteer mentor-editor with the Afghan Women’s Writing Project, a group offering secure online writing workshops to women in Afghanistan, many of whom participate in secret. The AWWP writers’ poetry and prose, developed with mentors like Jana and published at awwproject.org, tell stories that we rarely hear.

Emily Ducote, a senior at LGHS, won the state title for girls wrestling. This was the first year of girls wrestling at the high-school level. She won the title in the18 pound category. Emily won a 14-0 major decision in the finals for her title. Her parents are Yvette and Peter Bradstreet of Las Cumbres.

Mountain students at LGHS had successful sport seasons. Brianne Medved was co-captain of the girls soccer team. Andy Heimer was on the LGHS soccer team that completed in the playoffs. Luke Hollander was a member of the basketball team.

Lexington third-grader Jessica Howard won the Los Gatos-Saratoga Recreation’s art contest for her artwork featured on the cover of the LG-S Recreation’s March 14 Fun for Kids 2011 brochure.

LGHS student Ryan Reed with Boy Scout Troop 501 (Bill Flood, George Reed, Gary Holst, Marchall Smith, Jim McGrath, Bobby Bush, Kevin Mackie, Matthew Smith and Jacob Willabeek-Lemeir) designed and built a bulletin board to serve our mountain community. It is installed at the southeast corner of the Lakeside School parking lot near the road. Smitty, Robert Ewing, and Hans, with Parker and Cody Johsens helped with the installation. Thanks to Bob Chrisman for facilitating and to Lakeside PTA and Foundation for covering materials cost.

Mountain students were key performers in the Los Gatos High School Theater play The Pajama Game.

Lisa Meehan played a comedic Mae. This was her eighteenth show.

Madeleine Keller danced as a member of the ladies-pants department. This was her thirteenth show.

Maggie Niemann is a freshman. She played Charlene, a finishing-room girl. This was her tenth show.

Freshman Chance Molenda made the most of his role as Sleep-Tite salesman Max, first helper, and a Hernando-Hideaway dancer. This was his sixth musical.

Kent Morita starred as Prez, the union president. It’s hard to believe this was his first show. He was very funny and very athletic.

Sean Niemann was the perfect hero as Sid, the new factory superintendent. He has been doing plays since first grade. He plays several instruments and football, but not all at the same time.

Mountain people worked behind the scenes, too.

Louis Niemann and Jim Molenda built sets.

Jean Niemann and Leslie Meehan worked on Gala Night.

And Denise Lesea was the cast photographer.


From our March issue

Alex Leman, longtime chief of the Loma Prieta Volunteer Fire and Rescue Team, has been named the Santa Cruz County volunteer firefighter of the year. He received the award for outstanding service and commitment to “going beyond the call of duty.” The award was given at the February 8 meeting of the Santa Cruz County board of supervisors. Alex has been a volunteer since 1989 and is a company officer with Loma Prieta. He is receiving this award for service to his community and County Fire. He is chairman of the FDAC, dedicates many hours to the program outside of responding to calls, and teaches wilderness rescue.

Douglas W. Zimmerman, son of Bob and Sally Reed, graduated with distinction from the Naval Post Graduate School in Monterey.. Doug attended Lexington Elementary and Fisher Middle School. He attended Los Gatos High School until the family moved to Atlanta in 1986. Doug graduated from Roswell High School in 1989. He graduated from the University of Iowa, Bob’s alma mater. Doug had worked for CNN for two years when he enlisted in the army and went to officers’ candidate school. Doug is now a major in military intelligence. He has served in Kosovo, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

Gemma Halliday, who attended CTE, has another mystery for her readers titled Sweetheart in High Heels. Maddie Springer, a fashion designer and sometime amateur sleuth, is determined to help her husband Ramirez, a police officer investigating a murder. Books are available on Amazon.com, BN.com, and Smashwords.com.
LGHS students who have signed national letters of intent to colleges from mountain schools are Samantha McCarrell, crew, to Saint Mary’s College; Brianne Medved, soccer, Loyola Marymount University; Heather Rouhier, soccer, Cal Poly; and Katie Spada, synchronized swimming, Ohio State University.

Local Scout Steven Bourque earned the rank of Eagle Scout on December 20, 2010. Steven was a Cub Scout with Pack 559 and a Boy Scout with Troop 353 before joining High Adventure Troop 339 in 2006. For his eagle project, Steven built a shed to store playground equipment and a ramp for a zip-line, which will be used at the Los Gatos- Saratoga Parent Nursery School on Black Road. Steven will be honored at a court of honor, Sunday, March 6, 2011, 2:30 p.m. at the Loma Prieta Redwood Amphitheater.

Ryan Gray, a lifelong mountain resident, was recognized as rookie of the year in his race class at the Diablo Jet Ski Association awards banquet in January. The association includes 160 racers from California, Nevada, Utah, Alaska, and Arizona. Ryan also received a fourth-place trophy for the 2010 Outlaw Series in the “650 and under stand-up jet-ski” class. The races take place throughout California from March to November. Ryan is building another jet ski to compete in other classes in the upcoming season.

Congratulations to Ryan Chambers, John Devlin, Evan Kirkham, and Jared Willebeek-LeMair from Cub Scout Pack 509 who received the Arrow of Light award during the Pack’s annual blue and gold banquet. This is the highest award available to Cub Scouts. The boys are looking forward to joining Boy Scouts later this month.

Cub Scout Pack 509 serves the Santa Cruz Mountains. The Scouts in the pack come from Lexington, Lakeside, and Loma Prieta schools. For more information about Cub Scout Pack 509, email Jason LeMair at oogg@yahoo.com.

Richard W. Swayne, a resident of Redwood Estates, and an engineer at Reedy Engineering, Campbell, has been elected vice-president of nuclear codes and standards at the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Swayne attended the University of Delaware, receiving a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical and aerospace engineering in 1972. 

Fred Walter of Redwood Estates was 105 on February 6. Here’s a belated “Happy Birthday, Fred!”

In Memory of
Io Maida Berreitter

“You can’t take the sky from me.”

Born August 11, 1985, in San Francisco to Carl R. Berreitter and Jenny Maida, Io was seven years younger than his brother Pieris. Their brotherly love gave living testimony to its meaning. When Io was ten months old, the family moved to the Santa Cruz Mountains. The flora and fauna were an inspiration for the boys who were raised on nature, books, music, and Sesame Street. Named by Pieris, after the colorful volcanic moon of Jupiter, Io lived his life to its fullest, appreciating the beauty of our surroundings.

Jenny nurtured Io at home, extending her care to other toddlers and after-schoolers. Io blossomed from the stimulation and socialization of this milieu. He also attended the Soquel Parent Co-op Nursery School. During these early years, Io was so fascinated with trains that his family thought he’d become an engineer. At the age of three, Io rode out the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake on a large rocking chair. Entering Loma Prieta Elementary School in 1990, Io started tinkering with the family piano. At the age of seven, he began taking lessons from Peggy Shilkin, a family friend and a retired San Jose school-district teacher. She recognized great potential in her young prodigy, who could listen to a piece of music, sit down, and play it. At the age of ten, he added tap dancing to his repertoire.

Io’s charismatic personality flourished during his years at C.T. English Middle School, where he developed a love of writing. His dedicated teachers were sorry to see him move on to Los Gatos High School in 1998. At the end of his sophomore year, Io and Jenny moved into town. Io’s love of writing fiction continued to evolve, and he decided he wanted to be a musician and author. With glowing reports from his teachers, the gift of an electronic keyboard, and the guidance of his extended family and stepfather Bill Young, Io’s future seemed promising.
Following in his brother’s footsteps, Io joined Aikido Los Gatos, under the tutelage of Sensei Lou Birmingham. The entire dojo took Io into its fold. They prepared him for the black belt, after which he had to leave for college. Years later in Portland he spoke of joining a local dojo to resume his instruction. His practice proved to be quite beneficial in coping with the ordeal of his later illness.

In 2003, Io’s first year at U.C. Santa Cruz was a difficult adjustment, but he moved forward with the encouragement of his close-knit family. He majored in music, began composing, and made friends at every turn. A mutual love of enduring strength and devotion developed when Io found his soul mate, Kimmi Nevonen. After graduation, they moved to Portland, Oregon to live out their fairy tale life together. Within months, their dream became a nightmare of hope and despair.

In November 2008, Io was diagnosed with an extremely rare and aggressive cancer. Over the next two years, he under went treatment by an expert medical team at Oregon Health & Science University, Portland. Jenny and Bill moved to Washington State to be closer to Io. Pieris and Carl visited regularly.

Well-wishers from around the world sent messages of love and support during Io’s valiant struggle. Kimmi was Io’s primary caregiver throughout his battle, and she selflessly put aside her own aspirations to be there for her beloved. They had hoped to write a book together about their experience. Io said, “This story doesn’t have a happy ending.” Everyone involved said their lives had been deeply touched by the inner strength and positive attitude of both these young adults.

Throughout the course of his illness, the effect of the cancer on his personality was scarcely noticeable, masked as it was by the ebullient and unfailing optimism that he maintained. That one could stare death in the face for two long years and never flinch is a source of inspiration that will stay with us forever. His family and friends feel blessed and privileged to have known such a fine and loving person. Io’s death leaves an overwhelming void in all our hearts and in all whose lives he inspired.
Io had faced his illness with courage. Even though we will never see his smile or hear his voice again, his suffering has ended, and we can take comfort in the peace he has found. Io requested his body be donated to Oregon Health & Science University, for research in the hope that they will learn something from this relentless cancer to benefit future patients. Io’s gentle spirit warmed us all. His father and grandmother agreed that Io had a special quality— “He glows.”

Earth receive an honored guest
Io Bear has found his rest.
Let his glowing nature lie
Sequestered in our memory

Donations may be made in Io’s memory to the Oregon Health & Science University, Knight Cancer Institute. For information, call Rachel Hunsinger at 503-494-8342, or email hunsinge@ohsu.edu.

Kerry Sletten
C.T. English Custodian
Rest in Peace

Kerry passed away peacefully in his home on Saturday, February 5. He started his employment with the district in September 1985. Knowing Kerry even just a little meant knowing what a devoted Green Bay Packers fan he was. I think he had the best seat in the house to watch his team win the Super Bowl. I will miss him.
Eileen Bevans-Franks

Kerry will be remembered by most as C.T. English Middle School’s cranky curmudgeon janitor of many years. A title he was proud of. He would tell it like it was, whether you wanted to hear it or not. Casual observers would never have guessed how much he cared for the students. He never missed a costume party, a graduation, or an opportunity to set a kid straight with some hard talk. I will remember him as a humble guy who almost never missed a day of work. A Vietnam vet who kept his life together. A Packers fan. The guy who sent me funny cards on my birthday and had the best handwriting I’ve ever seen. I know Kerry would have been there for me had I ever needed him to be. He was my friend and I’ll miss him.
Tom Levenhagen

Kerry was a man with a heart of gold, a huge smile and great laugh. Each and every day that I would see him at Loma or CTE, he would take the time to say hi, bring a smile to me, and make my day brighter. I often ran into him as I was walking across the parking lot, say Hello, How are you? He would often reply “Peaches and Cream, mostly sour” with a big smile on his face. One of the biggest joys in his life was spending time with the kids. I am truly honored to have been a friend of Kerry. He will always hold a special place in the hearts of his friends, the kids at Loma and CTE, and our community. He loved America and proudly served in the military. He possessed the strength of character to always speak from his heart. I believe that he will be looking down at us every day and smiling.
Ann Harrington

Kerry nicknamed Matt Colbran-Patterson “Iron Man.” While you may think that this refers to his strength and size, it was a result of Matt asking to use an iron to smarten up his shirt on the eighth-grade trip to Washington D.C. Kerry hadn’t ever heard of a boy wanting to iron before.
Bill Colbran

Kerry had a wonderful rapport with the middle-school students. You could tell he really enjoyed being around them. I remember how he looked forward to going as a chaperone on the eighth-grade class annual field trip to Washington, D.C.
Sue Pierce

I will miss Kerry very much. We worked together at CTE for many years, and we got to know each other quite well. He referred to me as his adopted mom. He was a very fine, caring, loving man. We spoke often after we both retired, and  he would lovingly share stories about his mother and his two children. Kerry had a great sense of humor, and we would laugh over the silliest things. I am certain that, in heaven, he will keep telling his sometimes off-color jokes. I am very sorry he had to suffer with his illness for such a long period of time. I love you, Kerry.
Pat Davis

When I first started working at CTE, Kerry was one of the only people, besides my students, whom I would see every day. He would stop by on his rounds, and we would talk about boxing, school, and the students. These conversations showed me what a caring man Kerry was, despite his gruff exterior. He loved working here and always talked about the students like they were his children. He would ask about the kids to see how they were doing in class and would always look out for them during breaks. The last few years, I asked Kerry to come into my eighth- grade U.S. history classes to talk about his experiences in Vietnam. At the beginning of the talk, most students were normal, detached 13- and 14-year-olds, but by the end, all were mesmerized by Kerry’s stories of war, felt the heartbreak in the response he received coming home, and began to understand how the experience continued to shape who he was. They finally understood what all of my conversations with Kerry taught me. He looked and acted, most of the time, like a mean, tough guy, but at his core, he was a very caring, loving man with a heart of gold. Having him talk in my classroom the last few years was one of the best decisions in my teaching career, and I just wish it could have continued for my future students. When Kerry stopped working on the mountain, we would talk on the phone a few times a month about life and sports. Through his pain, he was always upbeat and relished the opportunities he had to make some new connections late in his life. The final time I called Kerry was the Sunday morning of the Super Bowl. I wanted to wish him and his Packers good luck in the game. I regret not being able to talk to him one last time, but I am happy to know he was able to leave this world watching his Packers win their trophy one last time. I am very honored to have called Kerry Sletten my friend, and I will miss him deeply.
Tony Arias

Kerry’s Poem
Jaina Ponkey, eighth-grader

A man of courage honor pride
A man you will want by your side

A friend to many and close to our hearts
We will never let him part

His smiles always warmed our world
His laugh was priceless, but always heard

He had a rare and special charm
Which would never ever harm

We will never forget him
He will always be loved

He owns a place in each of our hearts
He always tried to do his part

He is and always will be loved
Kerry a man who showed all of the above

We love you Kerry and you should know
We will never let you go


From our February issue

Loma Prieta Elementary fourth-grader Thomas Dorsch played the role of the Grinch in How the Grinch Stole Christmas in December. The performance was presented by West Performing Arts Academy, Santa Cruz.

Riana Brennan, granddaughter of Ken and Sandy Parker, was named sophomore of the year in volleyball by the DeAnza League coaches and the San Jose Mercury News. She made first team and earned the sophomore “kill leader” title. Riana helped her team place second in the league.

Mountain Author Tackles
Teen Issues

Marissa DeCuir

Local author C. Lee McKenzie takes her writing skills from the world of academia to the teen scene, helping bring to light young adult issues. Her newest book, The Princess of Las Pulgas (published by WestSide), paints a beautiful story of a family who loses everything and must rebuild their lives together.

The Princess of Las Pulgas centers on young Carlie Edmund, a high-schooler with everything – a loving family, good friends, a perfect home, wealth, and status. Everything changes junior year when her father loses his battle with cancer, and her mother is forced to move the family to keep them afloat financially. Carlie must take on the challenges of living in a different world, one where she doesn’t fit and where nothing is as it should be.

Award-winning author L.K. Madigan says of McKenzie’s second young-adult novel: “Small but glittering details illuminate the prose, and perfect turns of phrase keep the reader right next to Carlie as she struggles.”

Award-winning author Francisco Stork writes, “Princess of Las Pulgas is a beautifully written, meaningful young adult novel. Carlie Edmund will jump off the page and pull you into a poignant and timely story of loss and ultimate gain. She’ll take you into a world where stereotypes are shattered and truth is discovered deep beneath the surface.”

McKenzie published her first young-adult novel with WestSide books in 2009 after reading a news article about self-abuse among Ivy League students. Sliding on the Edge tackled the issue of cutting and suicide among young people. She’s working on her third novel that focuses on juvenile neglect and Alzheimer’s disease.

A former lecturer and administrator at San Jose State University, McKenzie also wrote, edited, and published a newsletter for university professors, and wrote and published non-fiction articles.

McKenzie hits the road for her book tour in early 2011. Confirmed tour stops throughout the Bay Area can be found at http://booktour.com/author/31013. 

Loma and CTE School Counselor: Stacy Blasi
Deana Arnold

Last August, Stacy Blasi became a school counselor for Loma Prieta Elementary and CTE Middle schools. Her responsibilities include crisis management and fostering social development, such as the Cheetah Chats she runs for the students at CTE. At these gatherings, students explore their self-identity, build self-esteem, learn to respect and honor one another, and practice creative ways to connect to one another. This program also gives Stacy the opportunitiy to know individual students and build personal relationships with them. She is considering other student groups, and is consulting with teachers and Principal Kidwell to determine how to best enhance the school experience for the students.

On the other side of campus, a new conflict-management program began at Loma Prieta Elementary in January. Fifteen fifth-grade students are being trained to support younger students in mediating conflicts with their peers by encouraging the younger students to communicate better and learn to solve their problems in constructive ways.

Stacy’s background includes a bachelor’s degree in sociology from UC, Santa Cruz, a master’s degree in social work from San Jose State, a license in clinical social work, nine years working at a residential treatment facility for emotionally disturbed children, and adoption- and foster-care-related social work. Her hobbies include trail running, surfing, snowboarding, and gardening at her home in Bonny Doon.

When asked to name her favorite thing about working in the Loma Prieta school district, she immediately answered, “the kids.” She loves seeing them get excited, strive to achieve, and learn to embrace who they are. Stacy is a wonderful addition to the district as a resource for the students and teachers on both campuses.

From our January issue

Kent Morita was among the student actors in the Los Gatos High School production of You Can’t Take It With You.

Former Mercury News columnist and mountain resident Leigh Weimers was host for the ninety-voice Symphony Silicon Valley Chorale in downtown San Jose.

Joey DeSalvo finished his second season with the Cabrillo college men’s water polo team. As co-captain, goalie, and key defensive player, he was the leader in blocked shots. Joey was named the team’s most valuable player. He was honored by the Coast Conference League coaches as a member of the Water Polo All-Conference Team.

Mountain residents Karen Bercaw, Christiane Caballeo, Kilko Caballero, Helen O’Dea, Sherrie Starkie, and Russell Willner completed the Big Sur Half Marathon on November 13.

Mirko Caballero, a fourth-grade student at Loma Prieta Elementary School, is a member of the 2010 USA National Climbing Team. During Thanksgiving week, Mirko flew to Ecuador to represent the United States in the 2010 Pan-American Youth Climbing Championships in Ibarra, Ecuador. Competitors from North and South American continents competed for five days in three rock climbing disciplines: bouldering, speed climbing, and rope climbing. Mirko came home with a silver medal in bouldering in the 11-year-old and younger category.

Joe Weed recently released a new CD entitled Pa’s Fiddle: Music from the Little House on the Prairie. Several Nashville A-list players helped produce fourteen pieces. The CD may be ordered online at joeweed.com or by calling toll-free 800-354-5580. His wife Martha E. Kendall has released a book telling the story of the family’s 1,000-kilometer bike ride across Spain with their two teenaged children. Her book is available online at MarthaKendall.com or on Amazon.
A special member of the LGHS girls water polo team is Haille Nestler. Recently she scored 15 goals in three games.

Mountain members of the LGHS boys water polo team received year-end awards. Adam Gouldsberry was named most valuable player for defenseand was given the CCS award as one of the top senior student players in the league. Evan Wieser was named the most valuable player for offense.

Luke Hollander, Nicky Robinson, and Max Saner are key players on the LGHS basketball team.

Barbara Weber Klindt

Barbara Klindt passed away November 21 after a short battle with lung cancer. She and her husband Ralph shared a wonderful and loving life together for over fifty years. They lived on a beautiful ranch on Morrill Cut-Off and were active mountain community members for many years. They supported their children in many activities associated with Loma Prieta School and the community.

Barbara is survived by her devoted children: John, Bill, Barbara, Nancy, and Bob. She is also survived by her loving grandchildren: Stephanie, Jordan, Tyler, Kyle, Kody, Cory, James, Samantha, Patricia, Bobby, Kiersten, Katie, and Jack.
Barbara’s last years were spent at The Terraces Care Center. During her final days, the Hospice of the Valley provided much appreciated care. A celebration of Barbara’s life was held December 7 at the Presbyterian Church in Los Gatos.

From our December issue

Erin Dudley-Carrera, graduate of Loma Prieta Elementary, C.T. English Middle School, and Los Gatos High School class of 2001, graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa with a bachelor’s degree in biology and a minor in Spanish. This year Erin begins study for a master’s degree program in neuro-science at the University of Salamanca, Spain. She is the daughter of Bruce Dudley.

Nicole and Cliff Roberts welcomed their first son to the world, Dylan Luc Roberts, October 26 at 5:04 p.m. He weighed 7 pounds, 2.8 ounces, and was 19 1/2 inches long.
Kyle Loewen, son of Daniel and Janice Loewen, rode his bicycle on a two-day ride, September 25 to 27, to support the National Multiple Sclerosis Society of Northern California Chapter fundraiser. Kyle raised over $2000 for the national society. The ride was from San Francisco to Healdsburg. Kyle attended Loma Prieta Elementary, C.T. English Middle School and Los Gatos High School.

Riana Brennan, daughter of Jana and Rinaldi, is a valuable member of the LGHS girls volleyball team.

Evin Wieser, a junior at LGHS, was named an “Academic All American” by USA Water Polo. He is listed in the water polo magazine Skip Shot. Athletes are selected for their combination of academic excellence and participation in high-level competition. Evin received additional recognition for outstanding performance among Academic All Americans.

Martha Kendall just released her twentieth book: Full Cycle: A Family’s Ride Across Spain. It tells the story of her biking odyssey with husband Joe Weed and their then-teenagers Jeff and Katie. They rode from the French border in the Pyrenees to the Atlantic Ocean via a historic trail called the Camino de Santiago. The book describes both the exhaustion and exhilaration of their six-hundred-mile adventure as they pedaled over Spain’s mountains, plains, and plateaus. It is available on her website, www.MarthaKendall.com, Amazon.com, and at Borders in Los Gatos.

Ed Sermon
John Haak

Ed was born in 1921 in Cleveland, the only child of Leon and Mitsy Sermon. Leon was from Belgium and Mitsy was from Vienna. They were acrobats in a European circus on tour in the United States at the time. Within a few years they were back in Europe where Ed grew up in his grandmother’s care in Vienna. He went through his elementary school years there until the family moved to the United States in the early 1930s Ed lived in New York state, first in Hoe-paw and then on Long Island. The family came to the Los Angeles area where Ed graduated from high school in 1939, and then went into the Navy Reserves.

The Navy sent Ed north to the San Bruno area where Navy personnel were trained at the Tanforan Race Track. When the Navy put on a dance they asked the girls working at the local defense plant to come out to meet “the boys.” Doris Nichols, a farm girl from Los Altos, was one of the girls who came that night about seventy years ago. Ed was not the only one she danced with, but he was the last one. Five years of dating included Ed’s visits to her family at the fruit-ranch in Los Altos, and Doris traveling down to southern California to see Ed and his mom.

Ed went to the Philippines on an LST-40 where he worked in the engine compartment. A kamikaze plane struck his ship, taking out the bridge and splitting the ship in half. He was headed towards the bow where most on board thought they had the best chance to survive. He struck his head and was knocked out on the way. When he came to, he headed in the “wrong” direction, which saved his life. All the seamen who went to the bow died.

When he got back from the ship sinking, Ed was stationed in San Diego where he spent the rest of the war. Although Doris had refused to marry someone who might get shot in the war, when Ed was safely stateside, she agreed to marry him. On February 9, 1946, Ed and Doris were married in a home wedding in Los Altos by the family’s Methodist minister.

Their first two homes were “Tank-Homes,” smaller units with a water tank as a roof. They first lived in southern California, but after the war they moved to a family property in Los Altos where there was more work. Their first son Carl was born that year. Ed got a job with Kaiser Cement working in their lab. He took correspondence courses and earned his degree as a chemist. He stayed with Kaiser for 38 years. In 1952, second son Eric came along to complete their family.
Ed and the boys earned medals and trophies in competitive archery. Carl finished third in a statewide competition. They moved to the mountains in 1964. Carl had completed high school, but Eric started at Loma Prieta school. Ed joined the Loma Prieta Civil Defense Fire Team that had just been founded in 1962.

In 1966, Carl married Valerie to add to Ed’s family circle. In 1967, Doris was a co-founder of the Summit Riders Horse Association. Ed loved to help, but he had no interest in riding horses. They joined the Radio Ham Club and soon after Ed began his retirement. Ed’s second son Eric married Linda in 1985 to complete the family and bring granddaughter Tasha into Ed’s life.

In 1985 I met Ed when I joined the Loma Prieta Volunteer Fire Team. We worked together on the big fire that July. Ed served as the department treasurer for 35 years. He only gave up his volunteer fire duties when he had a heart attack on a fire call.

Ed kept in touch with other retired friends in the informal social club called “The Old Farts.” Their numbers have slowly been reduced with time. Ed had Parkinson’s disease but lived at home until one day before he died.

Ed leaves behind his wife of 65 years, Doris, his son Carl and daughter-in-law Valerie, his son Eric and daughter-in-law Linda, and his granddaughter Tasha. Ed is also survived by many nephews and nieces. 

From our November issue

Locals in the News
Marlene Wiley

Megan MeCrery and Carmine Mangione were married on September 11, at the Jenkins Estate in Hillsborough, Oregon. Megan’s parents are mountain residents Pat and Chuck McCrery. Megan’s sisters Kim Boortz (Merced) and Erin Boortz Metcalf (Issaquah, Washington) were her matrons of honor. Megan’s childhood friend Katie Kendall-Weed played fiddle music and Irish jigs for the wedding ceremony. Megan attended Loma Prieta, C.T. English, and Los Gatos High School (2004). She graduated from CSU, Monterey Bay (2008) and is employed by the Alaska Tanker Company in Beaverton, Oregon. Carmine is a native of the Portland area and works for Intel Corporation.

Kyle Loewen rode his bicycle 165 miles for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Northern California Chapter fundraiser. He raised over $2,000 for the society. The ride was from San Francisco to Healdsburg. Kyle attended Loma Prieta, C.T. English, and Los Gatos High School. He is the son of Daniel and Janice Loewen.

Greg and Debi Cormier of Los Gatos welcomed their new grandson Jason Matthew Cook on June 24. He is the son of Peter and Crystal Cook.

Trina and Ben Rizzuto welcomed Vincenzo Christopher Rizzuto on September 29. He weighed eight pounds, three ounces, and was twenty inches long.

Pat Harrington, past Loma Prieta superintendent and fifth-grade teacher, celebrated his eightieth birthday with family and friends at a house party in October.

Halle Nestler is a member of the LGHS girls water-polo team. She has scored many points for the team.


From our October issue

Locals in the News
Marlene Wiley

Kristina and Walt Drummond welcomed Walter Frost Drummond IV on Sunday, August 15, at 4:38 p.m. The baby weighed eight pounds, fifteen ounces, and was 21 inches long.
Jan and Steve Foss welcome their new granddaughter, Madison Ann Foss. She was born on July 22 to proud parents, Nathan and Sara, of Lompoc, and her big sister, Brooklynn Marie who was born April 26, 2008. Also happy to have her in the family are aunt and uncle, Susan and Jordan, of Alameda.

Rebecca Jolitz, daughter of William and Lynne Jolitz, has been named a 2010 Davidson Fellow. Rebecca attended Loma Prieta and CTE schools, and completed her high school studies at Ohlone College in Fremont. She now attends U.C. Berkeley. Under the mentorship of Dr. Christopher McKay, planetary scientist for the space sciences division, Rebecca examined whether hypolithic cyanobacteria, a photosynthetic organism found under rocks in climatically extreme environments, could theoretically have enough sunlight to survive on Mars. Using an original computer program that simulated a million individual beams of sunlight hitting a Martian rock, Rebecca found that there was enough light for cyanobacteria to survive on Mars, indicating that Mars may not be a dead world. Rebecca’s research could help discover the means through which life on Mars may exist.

In July, Kristina Irvin finished the Colorado Hardrock 100-mile run in the 46 to 56 age group for the seventh time. In September, she ran the Cascade Crest 100-mile run for the first time in Washington. Her time was 31 hours and 1 minute.

Sharon Dahnert, who recently retired from C.T. English Middle School, was honored as teacher of the year 2010, a teacher recognition program sponsored by National Semiconductor Foundation, Santa Clara Federal Credit Union, sixth district PTA, Santa Clara County School Boards Association, and the Santa Clara County office of education.

Los Gatos High School football is off to another promising season. Two mountain boys, Andy Heimer and Preston Rind, were on a recent front page of the Los Gatos Weekly. Other mountain students playing varsity are Jake Bevins, Jimmy Eisner, Max Friday, Luke Hollander, Jon Impey, Calean Morrison, Sean Niemann, Kenny Shear, Andrew Tjon, and Kevin Tjon.
Mountain boys on the frosh-soph team include Nico Amonetti, Luke Hanson, James Sena, and Ricky Turnwall.

From our September issue

Locals in the News
Marlene Wiley

Marc Gu?denet was accepted to Santa Clara Law school where he enrolled in August He attended Lexington Elementary, Fisher Middle, and Los Gatos High schools. He graduated with high honors from LGHS. Marc has lived his life in the Los Gatos Mountains where he still resides. He graduated cum laude in June 2010 from UCLA. He. He is an avid reader, and lover of the Lexington Reservoir where he grew up fishing and riding his motorcycle.

Local lacrosse players were undefeated in a western lacrosse showcase held on Treasure Island. Recent LGHS graduates Ryan Donovan and Kris Kelley, and incoming LGHS Seniors Zac Karr and Tanner Wingo, were invited to participate as part of an elite team in the recent all-west Lacrosse Showcase. The undefeated team overwhelmed their opponents to take home the gold-division trophy in the two-day showcase of top teams across Northern California.

Caitlin Jenny Lavelle was born June 15 to Becky and Brian Lavelle. She weighed 8 pounds, 12 ounces, and was 21 inches long. This is Brian and Becky’s first child.

Gus Carroll and Stephenie Olson have a new granddaughter named Fiona. She arrived in June. They also welcomed Isabelle age 3 ½, and Aubrianna two years old who recently moved with their parents to southern California.

Leah Toeniskoetter set a goal for herself in high school when she heard a speaker suggest that if you wanted to do something, write it down. She made a list. Her first goal was to complete the Death Ride in Markleeville, California. She succeeded in 2005. The course takes riders over a 129-mile circuit of five mountain passes. Her new goal is to raise $60,000 for Turning Wheels for Kids. The program builds more than 2,000 bikes for distribution to at-risk and health-challenged children.

Abbigale Berry represented the South Bay Los Gatos Aquatic Club at the Silicon Valley Summer League swimming championships July 24-25. She won the High Point Championship in the 9-10 gold-division age group. She was one of five members of SBLG Aquatic Club to participate in the Pacific Swimming Junior Olympic Long Course championships held July 15-18 in Moraga, California. The meet featured more than a 1,000 swimmers from over 100 teams.

Abbigale posted personal bests in seven events. She qualified to swim in four events at the Far Western Long Course championships held July 28 to August 1 in Concord, California. Abbigale continued to drop seconds off her times and posted personal bests in all four events.
Ashley Victoria Rind and Gabriel Wild were among the recently graduated seniors from Los Gatos High School. Their names were inadvertently omitted from our graduation list.

Marge Cassel
1914 to 2010

Marge Cassel, a longtime resident of Old Santa Cruz Highway, passed away peacefully on Thursday morning, July 29, surrounded by her family. She was 96 years old.

A service was held August 2 at Oakwood Chapel in Santa Cruz. To honor Marge, a lifetime gardener, members of the Loma Prieta Club brought bouquets of flowers to the service.

Marge was born in the house her father built in Santa Rosa where she grew up. She lived in Palo Alto until her marriage to John Cassel. They became engaged on a camping trip to the Sierra Club campgrounds at Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite where they climbed Mt. Dana.

John and Marge were married in the Stanford Chapel. They built a house in Los Gatos where their three children David, Robert, and Andrea, were born.

John and Marge traveled a lot, but Marge was always happy to get home to her gardens.

Marge joined the Loma Prieta Club in 2003. She delighted club members with her handmade cards recognizing birthdays and other special events. As a lifelong bridge player, Marge joined the club’s bridge club where she graciously taught her partners and opponents how to become better players.

She will be missed by the community, the 55+ Club, and the Loma Prieta Club. She was a special lady, and we will miss her cheerful heart and good spirits.

Cards may be sent to her son Robert Cassel, Post Office Box 1242, San Juan Bautista, California, 95045.

Adolf Jarmann
1921 to 2010

Longtime mountain resident Adolf “Adie” “AJ” Jarmann, age 89, passed away on July 18, after a short illness. He is survived by his loving wife of 61 years, Helen, his four children, several grandchildren.

Adie was born in Switzerland, coming to the United States with his family in 1929 on the Beringaria via Ellis Island. The family farmed near Albany, New York. He served in the Army in World War II at Myitkyina in the China-Burma-India campaign, driving a wrecker in the last U.S. convoy on the Burma Road.

Married in 1949, Adie, Helen, and their young family moved to the Santa Clara Valley in 1959. Adie began work in the growing technology industry at Lockheed as a manufacturing engineer. He worked at several Silicon Valley companies and eventually retired from Coherent.

The family moved to the Santa Cruz Mountains in 1965. They built their dream house on two acres of an old prune orchard. Adie enjoyed his family, traveling with them across the United States and Europe. He could often be found working on his Ford cars. He spent many hours tending his garden and property.

A simple family wake has been held. Everyone shared Adie’s favorite family stories, pictures, favorite foods, music, and (of course) Swiss chocolates.

Donations in lieu of flowers may be sent to the Loma Prieta Volunteer Fire and Rescue, 25050 Highland Way, Los Gatos, California 95033. The Jarmann family sincerely thanks the volunteers for all their help over the last few years.

Dustin Edward Rabe
September 15, 1980 to July 19, 2010

Dustin Rabe, son of Janice and George Rabe, died July 19 while attempting to land an airplane at a South Carolina airport. Janice is a longtime employee with over thirty years of service to the Loma Prieta Joint Union School District.

Dustin was 29 years old. He learned to fly and was certified by San Jose State University. He was en route to Europe in a Comp Air 8 to deliver the aircraft to a client in Holland. His company, Ferry Flight Express, delivered private planes to and from Europe.

Dustin was a 1994 graduate of C.T. English and a 1998 graduate of LGHS. A memorial service was held at the United Methodist Church in Los Gatos on August 7.


From our August issue

Locals in the News
Marlene Wiley

Deneka and Marlana Shile are graduates from Lakeside Elementary and LGHS. Deneka graduated magna cum laude in biology with a minor in chemistry from U.C., Santa Cruz. She will attend U.C., San Francisco Pharmacy School this fall. Marlana graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor of Arts in human biology. Roger and Judith Shile are the proud parents.

Five middle-school girls, including Elle Rogers of CTE, attended a summer camp at Stanford that stresses science, technology, engineering, and math education. The program was sponsored by the Los Gatos-Saratoga branch of the American Association of University Women.

Three of the eight juniors chosen for this year’s LGHS Emerson Shaw “Close Up” scholarship are mountain students Braden Anderson, Cody Hansen, and Sierra Vance. Accompanied by LGHS U.S. history teacher Marcy Cooper, the students met with Congressman Mike Honda and were given behind-the-scenes tours.

We missed Kelsey Shyba in our last issue.Kelsey graduated from Los Gato High School with honors as a California Scholarship Federation life member. She was academic All-American. and first team All-League in water polo. She will be attending Occidental College in Los Angeles with a double major in economics and music.

Chloe Anne Anaya was born June 8 to Tammie and Carlos Anaya. She weighed 7 pounds, 15 ounces, and was 21 inches long. She joins her siblings Madison, Hailey, and Jakey.

Redwood Estates Residents Perform Shakespeare
Sarah Devlin

Sarah, Catherine, Anne, Paul, and John Devlin are members of San Jose Youth Shakespeare, a theater group dedicated to putting on high-quality full-length Shakespeare plays. Often the plays have a cast of more than thirty, ranging in age from eight to twenty. The young thespians take great pleasure in mastering the Bard’s works and getting acquainted with the ropes of the theater.

In the new production Much Ado About Nothing, the Devlin siblings will each have fun and challenging roles. Catherine plays Leonato, a father desperate to save his daughter’s happiness. Anne will flex her comedic skills as Dogberry, an idiot who fancies himself intelligent. Paul and John will be night watchmen, the poor souls forced to make sense of Dogberry’s nonsensical instructions. Sarah will work backstage as the house manager.

One of the many things the Devlins love about being a part of the theater group is learning from the director Bob Rumsby, who studied drama extensively in England and in the United States. Working with him has taught the entire cast something they loved learning—there is no better way to explore literature than to be a part of it.

Much Ado About Nothing will be performed August 19 to 22, at the Historic Hoover Theater, 1635 Park Ave, San Jose. There is a $10 donation requested for adult tickets purchased at the door. Advance tickets are discounted.

For more information and to reserve tickets, visit www.youthshakes.org.

Christopher Steven Schlosser
Benjamin Ketcham

With great sadness, family and friends mourned the tragic and unexpected death of Christopher Steven Schlosser. Chris died in a car crash, along with a close companion. It was too early for Chris. He was 27, with a good life ahead of him. Many people loved him dearly,, and are now holding his spirit close to their hearts.
This is a time for remembering all the cherished moments. Chris was an old soul who connected with many. He engaged with people of all ages and walks of life. He found what was interesting in others, willingly learning from them, while embodying compassion, reflection, curiosity, and good taste.  

Chris was part mountain and part city. He grew up and spent most of his years in the Summit area of the Santa Cruz Mountains, while recently working and studying in San Jose. Had he realized his ambitions, he might have worked as a business consultant or program manager for a non-profit devoted to social causes, perhaps with a little art thrown in for good measure.

Though young in years, there was little that was simply youthful about Chris. He wrote inspired and spiritually sophisticated poetry when he was just eight years old, read almost anything put in front of him, was comfortable around old or homeless people, put others before himself most of the time, and felt deeply for the suffering of others. He was a great soul in search of what it means to be a good man.

Chris is survived by his mother Rhonda, his father Steven, his sister Amber, his grandmother Peggy, and many aunts, uncles, and cousins. A memorial celebration was held at Radonich Ranch.

From our June issue

LGHS senior Sophia Rumasuglia, daughter of John and Pauline Rumasuglia, has been accepted as a Joffrey Ballet trainee and will be moving to New York City in the fall. She started taking ballet lessons when she was three and trained with Pam East Dance (now East West Music and Dance. She currently dances with Los Gatos Ballet and has trained with American Ballet Theater and Boston Ballet for the past three summers.

We have a poet in Villa del Monte. She is Angie Boissevain. Titled Notes from Here, the poems were published by Poetry Santa Cruz as the 2010 Celebration of the Muse Chapbook Award. Two poems I especially liked are “October” and “Lakeside.” Most of the poems reflect life in our mountains. The book is available at Bookshop Santa Cruz and at the Skyland Gallery on Skyland Road.

Among the stalwart members of a rowing team who trains on Lexington Reservoir is Allison Langhoff. She loves rowing.

Among the members of the LGHS baseball team are mountain students Nick Barnby, co-captain Corey Lannagan, Jack Larsen, and Jason Shepardson.

Among the members of the winning LGHS lacrosse team are mountain students Kris Kelley goal tender, Ryan Donovan and Tanner Wingo defense, and Zac Karr middle defense. The middle-team members are Andrew Tjon, Gabe Sheehan, and Tyler Litle. In a game against Saratoga, Ryan scored a goal and Zac had two assists to win the game 15 to 5.

Shannon Jimenez, a seventh-grader at Rolling Hills Middle School, has been accepted into the People to People world leadership forum. Shannon will join a select group of students in Washington, D.C., June 21 to 26, to study leadership and explore some of the United States’ most prominent monuments and institutions. Participants are selected on the basis of outstanding scholastic merit, civic involvement, and leadership potential. Shannon was selected from among 300 seventh-grade students at Rolling Hills Middle School in Los Gatos. This school serves middle-school students from the Lakeside Joint School District. Shannon has a fourth-grade sister, Iris, and lives in Las Cumbres with her parents.

Kayleigh Khandelwal, a second-grader at Loma Prieta Elementary, has been cutting up the ice this year. She recently won two first-place ribbons and one second-place trophy at the NorCal Championships in San Mateo. Her parents are Charlotte Boisvert-Khandelwal and Sanjay Khandelwal.

Is your son or daughter graduating from college? We will be happy to recognize them in our next issue.


Los Gatos Mountain History
Fred Walter, a Living Legend
Travis Bertelsen

I recently spent the afternoon with one of our mountain area’s most seasoned residents. At 104 years old, Fred Walter is still active and engaging. He sang lively songs, played the harmonica, and provided me with a first-hand account of our local mountain history.

Fred Walter was born in 1906 in the rugged mountains just outside Pueblo, Colorado, where his family operated a thriving cattle ranch. The grueling daily labor and the freezing Colorado climate quickly forged the young boy into a sturdy young man. At age 15, while out fishing, Fred was caught in a freak snowstorm and was forced to endure a frigid two-mile trek home in bare feet. He recalls his soles were so thickly calloused he never even noticed the cold.

In 1928 when Fred was 22, the Walters family said goodbye to harsh Colorado winters and moved to sunny San Jose. It wasn’t long before the allure of the forest and hiring at Granaman’s sawmill led Fred out of the bustling city and into the picturesque mountains above Los Gatos.

The 1930s Depression left Fred without employment, but Highway 17 was being built. Strong, hard-working men were needed. Fred was chosen out of the hundreds of desperate applicants to carve out the treacherous section of Highway 17 from Summit to Scotts Valley, where massive landslides from underground springs were a constant danger. At the time, the nine-year project was the largest construction contract in California, costing a staggering three million dollars.

When the highway was completed, Fred secured a job caring for fruit trees on the Kennedy Ranch. Later he became foreman of Schmidt Ranch on Summit Road., where he tended 342 acres of prune and pear trees until 1956, when the ranch was sold to create a housing development. Fred recalls how everyone thought the builders were delusional when they listed the first house at $50,000. At the time a typical mountain home cost from $10,000 to $15,000. The homes quickly sold as buyers seeking refuge from the valley flocked to the mountains.

The new homes had modern conveniences urbanites were accustomed to in a peaceful mountain setting with spectacular coastal views. These same homes, in what is now known as Villa Del Monte, can sell for more than a million dollars.

Today Fred enjoys weekly drives to the coast to watch windsurfers carving the waves at Waddell, followed by a trip to the lighthouse to feed the pigeons. He always ends his outing with a visit to Marianne’s ice cream parlor for a large scoop of his favorite mint and chip before heading home along the stretch of Highway 17 he built.

Fred lives in Redwood Estates with his son, daughter, and grandson. His years of nurturing crops are evident in the 140 tomato plants in his garden. Some of his plants are over 12 feet high with tomatoes weighing 3.5 pounds. Fred is affectionately known by his friends and neighbors as the “Tomato Man of the Santa Cruz Mountains.” At 104 years young, he is truly one of our living legends.

From our May issue

Harold Hoyt, a volunteer at the local Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s service center, was honored as an “outstanding county volunteer” by the Santa Cruz County board of supervisors on April 13. He has donated more than 1500 hours to the office at the Loma Prieta Community Center where they provide information and take reports. The volunteers can also be found assisting with traffic at the school and for public events. They help create child-ID kits at various venues during the year. In 2008, Harold and three other local volunteers, Kay Fanucci, Gene Geist, and Boni Wendling received this award.

Students at Loma Prieta Elementary School celebrated women in history during March by honoring longtime mountain resident Doris Nelson. When Doris and her family moved to the mountains in late 1965, Loma Prieta School was on the north side of Summit Road and had been serving students for about sixteen years. When Doris asked about a school library, she discovered the school used a roving library system. That was not good enough for the children or Doris. She volunteered to build a Loma Prieta library that took her dedication and the dedication of many mothers. When computers began to be used in the school, Doris learned how to use computers. One woman, with dedication, created the libraries that our children use today.

Bill Erlendson, Jr., a lifelong mountain resident, competed in the thirteenth annual Lavaman Triathalon in Hawaii, March 28. Bill graduated from Loma Prieta in 1997, Lincoln High School in 2004, and Chico State University in 2008. Bill completed the 1.5K swim in 30:20, the 40K bike leg in 1:16:18, and the 10K run in 48.35 for an overall time of 2:40:25. This placed Bill 209 out of a field of 868 participants. Bill teaches at Lincoln High School.

Brianne Medved, a junior at LGHS, was honored by the CCS Division II soccer semifinals for excellent performance in the position of middle field. Her mother Shawn Medved was a former major-league soccer player.

Kim Boortz and her husband Ben Chickering announce the birth of their first child Brendan Benjamin Chickering on March 22, in Merced. Brendon weighed eight pounds, eleven ounces and was 21-inches long. Mountain residents Pat and Chuck McCrery are Brendan’s maternal grandparents. Kim grew up in the mountains, attended Loma Prieta, CTE, and LGHS. She is an attorney with the public defender’s office in Merced County.

Kajsa Nelson, daughter of Phil and Kerstin Nelson, performed with the LGHS Jazz Purr at Carnegie Hall in New York City April 9. She also was selected to sing a solo during the Phil Mattson Vocal Jazz Festival at Carnegie Hall. She is a senior at Los Gatos High School and a graduate of C.T. English and Lakeside schools. She will attend U.C. Santa Barbara in the fall, where she will pursue a career in opera.

Lars Nelson, son of Phil and Kerstin Nelson, graduates from the University of California, Davis in June with a bachelor of science degree in viticulture and enology. He is a graduate of LGHS and Lakeside schools.

Judy Bingman, former LGHS teacher, coach, and musician, exhibited photographs in the Hayward spring show. She entered several photographs in two categories. She won an Award of Excellence ribbon for her view of Horsetail Falls in Yosemite.

Janet Ruth (Wickland) Radonich
1929 to 2010

Janet Radonich, a longtime resident of the Summit area, died March 20, in Los Gatos, after a long illness. She was born April 24, 1929, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to Rudolph and Elsie Wickland, the youngest of seven children. She was the only girl. The Wickland family moved to Los Gatos where Janet attended Los Gatos High School.

Janet was married to Peter Radonich, a businessman and radio newscaster, for 62 years. They lived happily on the Radonich Ranch on Highland Road. Pete preceded her in death in 2008.
Janet was gentle, private, and elegant, but always sensitive to the needs of others. She was a member of the Loma Prieta Club. She loved music and played piano and banjo. She was an avid reader who remained current on world and political events. She was also an excellent cook.

After raising her children, Janet became a licensed vocational nurse. She enjoyed living on the ranch. She loved watching the many birds that she fed in her garden when she and Pete were not traveling.

Family, especially her children and grandchildren, was the center of her life. She is survived by her son Bradford and wife Heidi, son Randolph and wife Sandra, daughter Janet (Gerodias) and husband John.

Janet is survived by eight grandchildren: Kimberly Stottlemire, Jennifer Murphy, Nickolas Radonich, Courtney Radonich (Esposto), Alexander Gerodias, Amanda Gerodias, Lauren Radonich, and Bradford Radonich. Janet is survived by four great-grandsons: Jacob Stottlemire, Jared Stottlemire, Brody Baugh, and Mateo Radonich.

Internment will be in Arlington, Virginia, where Janet will join her husband Peter in the Arlington Cemetery.

In lieu of flowers, contributions in Janet’s memory may be sent to the American Heart Association.


Eric Hans Pedersen
December 1, 1963 to March 27, 2010

Eric died March 27, at his home in the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Eric moved into the redwoods above Los Gatos when he was five years old. Growing up in the rugged terrain with nature at its best left an everlasting mark. He didn’t want to leave. And he didn’t. He lived in his cherished woods until his life ended suddenly in the home in which he, his wife Victoria and daughter Sierra lived for 13 years.

He was born in Los Gatos, the second son of Bonnie and Larry H. Pedersen, operators of the growing family business that was to become his lifelong career. He was vice president and fleet manager of A Tool Shed Equipment Rentals of Campbell. He worked side by side with his father Larry and two brothers, Robert and Lars. He was in charge of maintaining the company’s substantial fleet of vehicles and other equipment.

As a young boy he became particularly interested in horses, specifically Appaloosas. Small local wins turned to regional triumphs, “Appy” shows in the Western states, and finally to state championships in open competition. He rode his horse Mo in hunter and jumper classes. He instructed other younger riders at Appy Horse Hill summer horse camp, operated by his mother and her business partner, Arlene Kruse.

During his Los Gatos High School years (class of ’82), he could be seen cruising around town in a bright red Chevy pickup that was spit-shined to a mirror-like luster.
He enjoyed skiing, golfing, and hunting. His artistic side was revealed in his drawings and photography. He loved traveling and was an avid sports fan of the NASCAR circuit and the San Francisco Giants. He also was proud of his service with the Loma Prieta Volunteer Fire Department.

The absolute center of Eric’s life was his family. He was a devoted husband, proud father, dutiful son, faithful brother, and generous uncle. He also had an exceptional love for animals, especially dogs Sammy Joe, Angel, and Coco, and Ted the cat.

He is survived by his beloved wife Victoria, daughter Sierra, mother Bonnie, brothers Robert (Barbara), Lars (Ellen), and nieces and nephews: Robert, Meghann, Erika, Thomas, Christopher, Kane, Samuel, Riley, Christine, and Steven. He will also be greatly missed by Lou (Lynne), Diane (Glen), Julie (Harry), Lara (Steve), Naveen, and Arlene.

A celebration of his life was held April 3 at the Redwood Estates Pavilion. Memorial contributions may be made to the Loma Prieta Volunteer Fire and Rescue, 25050 Highland Way, Los Gatos, CA 95033. Tax ID Number 94-3117725.

From Our April issue

Joseph Ols, mountain resident, won a gold, a silver, and two bronze medals at the World Masters Games for athletes over-30-years of age. This past year the events were held in Sydney, Australia, in volleyball and track-and-field. Ols also competed in 2009 All-American in the decathlon, high hurdles and pentathlon, coached track at Los Gatos High, captained a team of other local Santa Clara Valley Athletic League coaches to third- place team finish at the 2009 U.S. Corporate Athletic Association national championship. He set a national record in the high jump and long jump for USCAA.
Alison McBain and husband Eben Leonard had their first child, Mackenzie Midoro, on December 18, 2009. Mackenzie weighed in at 7 pounds, 12 ounces. Alison attended Loma Prieta Elementary, C.T. English Middle, and Los Gatos High schools, and was graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz. The family lives in New York where Eben works as a chef in Manhattan.

Matt and Terri Cavender welcomed their first child Kylaya May Cavender on January 20, 2010. She weighed seven pounds, two ounces.

Lexington School fifth-grade student Abigail Heumann received the first-ever outstanding- student scholarship award from the California Association of World Schools. This statewide award was given to Abigail for exemplifying all elements of the International Baccalaureate program. Abigail will receive a $500 savings bond as part of the recognition.

Lexington fourth-grader Gwendolyn Erdosh is the first student from a mountain school to win the annual Los Gatos Saratoga Recreation’s clubhouse-sponsored art contest. Her artwork is featured on the cover of the LGS Rec Summer Fun for Kids 2010 brochure.

Philip Smith, son of Michael and Bridget Smith, was recently selected to attend the California Highway Patrol Academy in Sacramento. Phil attended Loma Prieta Elementary, C.T. English Middle School, and graduated from Los Gatos High School in 2000.

George Greene, a retiree who lives on Summit Road, is one of the most fit of all of our bicycle riders (more than 1,000 strong), particularly for his age. He once did a cross-USA ride. He and wife Carol also are among the 200+ volunteers it takes to put on an event such as the Tierra Bella.
The Los Gatos High School Mock Trial Team led their defense team to the finals against Lynnbrook High. It took place in the historic Superior Court in San Jose. In an intense battle Los Gatos lost by only five points, the closest scoring in recent history. Isaac Larkin, Ariel Lacey, Patrick Meehan, Clay Evans, and Cutter Coryell were among the team of eight who competed in the finals.

Among the members of the LGHS girls basketball team is sophomore Courtney Mains. Recently the team lost a close game by two points to Aragon.
Mountain members of the LGHS boys soccer team not listed last month are Gavin Honda, Brendan Perrelli, and Isaac Larkin.

Colette (Froehlich) Phelps is back onstage again. She will perform in “Shout! A Mod Musical” at the Retrodome (formerly Century 25 Theater in Westgate Shopping Center) from April 1 to 11. This is a non-stop journey through the infectious and soulful pop anthems and ballads that made household names of stars like Petula Clark, Dusty Springfield, and Lulu with such chart-topping hits as To Sir With Love, Downtown, You don’t have to Say You Love Me, Son of a Preacher Man, and Goldfinger. Ticket information can be found at retrodome.guggyent.com or 408-404-7711.

LGHS girls soccer team completed an unbeaten 15-0-5 season and captured the tough De Anza division championship in the Santa Clara Valley Athletic League finishing with the number 1 ranking in the Central Coast Section. Coaches in the SCVAL met in February to pick the All-League Teams and select the top players in the league at their positions. LGHS junior Heather Rouhier (captain) was named the Goalkeeper of the Year after allowing just nine goals and posting a 0.532 goals-against average.  Junior Brianne Medved was named the Offensive Player of the Year after scoring 17 goals and dishing off 18 assists. Both Rouhier and Medved are longtime mountain residents and graduates of both Fisher Middle School and Lexington Elementary School.

Among the members of the LGHS cast of A Chorus Line were Nina Lacey, Julian Lacey, Lisa Meehan, and Michaella Montana. Longtime mountain resident Denise Lesea was the cast photographer.

Dear parents: Please tell me when I have missed a mountain student. My information comes from many sources. If you email a list of mountain students on the teams, I will be happy to let our readers know about your local achiever.

Kathy McKinney
Receives Hoffman Award
Bob Chrisman

Kathy McKinney has been awarded a 2010 Glenn W. Hoffman exemplary- program award for her physical-education and student-wellness program at Lakeside School. Initiated in 1983 by the Santa Clara County School Board’s Association (SCCSBA), the Hoffmann award program showcases outstanding district programs that are innovative, creative, have a student focus, and positively impact student performance. The award will be presented in April during the annual SCCSBA spring banquet.

Lakeside’s P.E. program, funded entirely by parent and community donations, includes twice-weekly P.E. classes, a noon-jogging program and supervised recess games three days per week. Kathy, a resident of the Summit area, has taught P.E. at Lakeside since 2004.

From our March issue

Ed and Doris Sermon, longtime mountain residents, recently celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary on February 9. They were married in 1945 when Ed was on leave from the Navy because his ship had been sunk in the Philippines. Ed and Doris lived in Los Altos until 1964 when they moved with their two sons to the Santa Cruz Mountains. They have been active volunteers for various community organizations including Summit Riders, Theatre in the Mountains, home and school clubs, sheriff’s substation, and Loma Prieta Club. Ed spent over forty years with the Loma Prieta Volunteer Fire and Rescue.

Redwood Estates resident Shelley Bates, who writes as Shelley Adina, celebrates the release of The Chic Shall Inherit the Earth, the final novel in her six-book young-adult series from Hachette Book Group. Also available is Tidings of Great Boy.

Marc Guèdenet has been accepted to the University of San Francisco Law School. He attended Lexington Elementary, Fisher Middle School, and Los Gatos High School where he graduated with high honors. He is completing his undergraduate studies in political science at UCLA.

For his eighth-grade community service project at C.T. English Middle School, Cayce Hopkins, son of Dale and Linda Hopkins, collected over 150 gently worn coats for “One Warm Coat.”  These coats were donated to InnVision of Santa Clara County.

Dylan Scott Bartlett, the first child of Genevieve Villemaire and Brian Bartlett and the grandson of Jerry and Jan Villemaire, was born December 20 in South Lake Tahoe. Dylan was six pounds, twelve ounces, and was 20.5 inches long.

Riana Brennan, daughter of Richard Brennan and Jana Parker-Rinaldi, longtime mountain residents, was named by the San Jose Mercury News as freshman of the year in volleyball as a member of the varsity squad. She also received honorable mention as an opposite hitter and freshman of the DeAnza League.

Andy Heimer, Andrew Tjon, and Brad Radonich are members of the LGHS boys soccer team.
The LGHS girls basketball team has had a successful season. Among the team members are Deanna Devlin, Olivia Maddox, Ellie Moller, and Madeline Smedt.


Sally Shaffer Mitchell

Sally died January 25 in San Jose. She was born in 1928 in Altoona, Pennsylvania, to Dr. John and Mrs. John Shaffer. She attended Altoona schools, and graduated from Skidmore College where she was a member of the school choir. Music was very important in Sally’s life. She sang with the Santa Clara Chorale for over 25 years. Sally’s family was her priority, and she was an active volunteer. Her great love was traveling.
Sally was preceded in death by her husband G. Edward Mitchell, builder and real estate broker, also of Altoona and Los Gatos. She is survived by son, Doc and wife Sandy (Los Gatos), son Tim (Los Gatos), and son Mark, and grandsons Blake, Austin, and Chase (Medford, OR), brothers John (Frederick, MD) and Richard (Palm Springs, CA), and sister Jean Cline (Campbell, CA).
Internment was at Soquel Cemetery. A memorial service was held at Skyland Church on February 28. In lieu of flowers, contributions in Sally’s memory may be sent to Parkinson’s Foundation, 675 Almanor Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94055.

From our February issue

Chris Cismondi and Amanda Springer Cismondi happily announce the birth of their daughter Kayla Marie Cismondi December 3 at 7:58 a.m. She weighed six pounds, fourteen ounces. Her parents grew up in the mountains and are raising their children here. Kayla was welcomed by her big sister Mia Rose Cismondi who is three years old.

Shea Robinson, an LGHS student and a graduate of CTE, was named by San Jose Mercury News to their girls golf first team for the year 2009. Shea is the daughter of Lindsey Anderson.

Brian Gieses-Gardner, who now lives in Los Angeles, attended Lakeside School, Fisher Middle School, and Los Gatos High School. He is currently working as a teacher at the progressive Evergreen School in Santa Monica. Bryan was married on October 24 to Shane Davis-Kapp in a small ceremony with family and friends at Hakone Gardens in Saratoga. Shane is a native of Bellingham, Washington, where Bryan attended Western Washington University. Shane is actively pursuing her SAG card in Los Angeles.

Tara Collishaw and Allie Langholff were members of the Girls from the National Championship boat from Los Gatos that finished a close second as the crew of the year in the USA and Abroad. They practice on Lexington Reservoir.

Loma Prieta parents Karen Bercaw, Christiane and Mirko Caballero, Katherine Dorsch, Helen O’Dea, and Russel Willner ran the Big Sur Half Marathon on November 15.

Members of the LGHS wrestling team are Steven Bourque and Jeremy Rea.

Loma Prieta resident Tiana Freiri, a sophomore at St. Lawrence Academy in Santa Clara, recently made the high honor roll with a 3.65 grade point average. In addition to this honor, Tiana also received the coaches’ award for girls varsity tennis. She is a first-year varsity player. She is the daughter of Bridget and Robert Freiri.

At the Los Gatos Children’s and Holiday Parade, members of the Loma Prieta Fire and Rescue team placed first in the Active Fire Engine category and second in the Antique Fire Engine category.

Deanna Devlin was named team co-captain of the LGHS girls basketball team. Other mountain girls on the team were Ellie Moller and Madeline Smedt.

Carson Nestler, a senior, was named to the All-Mercury News water polo team. Among the members of the Los Gatos High School color guard were Whitney Alter, Danielle Ashford, Danielle Beahm, and Marilah Hemminger.

Preston Rind, a tackle for the LGHS varsity football team, was named to the all-league second team, and junior defensive back Andy Heimer was named to the all-league first team defense.


From our January issue

Three Rolling Hills/Lakeside mountain boys (Adrian Lemke, Tony Moller, and Mitchell Schwager) qualified for the National Junior Olympics Cross Country meet in Reno on November 29. The boys “Midget” team (eleven- and twelve-year olds) also won first place as a team. They participated in the national meet December 12 in Reno.
Loma Prieta parents Karen Bercaw, Katherine Dorsch, Helen O’Dea, Russel Willner, Christiane and Killko Caballero ran the Big Sur Half Marathon November 15.

Los Gatos rowers train at Lexington reservoir. Their teams are some of the best in the country. They qualified for The Charles Regatta that draws teams from across the country. Mountain team members include Tara Collishaw, Tara Foley, and Allison Langhoff.
The 4-plus women’s team members, Brittany Johnson, Emily Sullenberger, Tara Foley, Kaity McCullough, and coxswain Shawna Rodgers placed 10th overall. The youth men’s 4-plus team of Adam Rose, Atli Thorketson, David DeSantis, Max Katz, and coxswain Colby Rapson finished 12th. Competing in the youth women’s 8-plus team were Tara Collishaw, Clare Southern, Madeline Raff, Kristin Eline, Amanda Fox, Maraika Robinson, Allison Langhoff, Nicole Wargon, and coxswain Allyn Nielson. The men’s youth 8-plus team consisted of Derek Kita, Kevin Sturm, Vance Callinan, Tom Porter, Alex Leeburg, Conor Moyles, Ross Hastings, Philip Verbus, and coxswain Lucas Orlita. Their performances at the Charles River competition were so good that some of the teams will receive automatic invitations for next year’s regatta.



From our December issue

Grandparents Jerry and Jan Villemaire and parents Paul and Laura Villemaire Sanders and big brother August are happy to announce the birth of Olivia Janae Sanders on October 21, in Roseville. Olivia weighed seven pounds, seven ounces and was twenty inches long.
Among the members of the LGHS frosh-soph football team are mountain students Jake Bevans, Jimmy Eisner, Jackson Fondriest, Max Friday, Mitch Homeier, Sean Niemann, Alex Pelkey, and Kevin Tjon.
The LGHS varsity football team members are Wes Bolliger, Andy Heimer, Luke Hollander, Jon Impey, Preston Rind, Evan Stagg, James Thomas, and Gabe Wilds. Earlier in the season Andy Heimer had seven carries for 55 yards, scored four touchdowns, and kicked seven extra-point attempts.
Becca Dobyns is a member of the girls track team. Bryn Taylor is a member of the girls tennis team.
Caroll Knipe recently published a story about her corgis Dutch and Duchess titled Corgi Confessions. Her grandchildren urged her to write the book because she created stories when they were growing up. Her husband, Fritz, took the photos. In addition to writing, Caroll was the first woman president of the Association of California School Administrators. Fritz was a popular principal/superintendent of Lakeside School.
Mountain resident and owner of a fitness studio in the mountains, Kathy Adams, has created Cool Chemo Top clothing for women battling cancer. Her experience with chemotherapy led her to create comfortable clothes for womenwhile dealing with insereted drains. For more information, visit www.confidentclothingcompany.com.
Nicholas Moyer (Nick) wore his homemade Halloween costume that he built with his dad, Vince. Nick loves Harley Davidson motorcycles and wanted to dress as a Harley for Halloween. Nick went trick-or-treating in Summit Woods, where he received many compliments on his creative costume.   


From our November issue

David and Mary Billingsley announce the marriage of their daughter Shannon to Cody Mckenzie, son of David and Connie Mckenzie of Salt Lick, Kentucky. Shannon is a graduate of Loma Prieta, CTE, and LGHS. She is currently stationed at Hickam AFB, Hawaii, as a staff sergeant in the USAF while pursuing her nursing degree for commissioning. Cody is in aviation in the USCG stationed at Barber’s Point Air Station, Hawaii. The wedding took place in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, September 15, and the reception will be held in October 2010 in Santa Cruz.

Early in October, San Jose State’s women’s basketball team members held a basketball clinic for Loma Prieta and CTE students interested in improving their basketball skills. Local participants were Tatum Korb, Sam Wilner, Lauren Sanders, Aiden Willner, Jade Notzon-Kidwell, Colton Landaiche, and Lauren Lacey.  In the middle row were Daniel Weissman, Dani Matlock, Emily Jarnigan, McKenna Morrison, Kelly Matlock and Brooke Landaiche.

Joey DeSalvo has attained the Boy Scout rank of Eagle Scout. His Eagle project was a Smokey Bear sign that watches over Highway 17 at the Alma Fire Station. Joey joined Scouting as a Tiger Cub in the local Cub Scout Pack 501. He has been a member of Troop 353, Troop 501, and most recently Crew 501. Joey is currently attending Cabrillo College. He is also continuing his water-polo career as the starting goalie. He enjoys working at Skyblue Pools in Los Gatos. He plans to continue playing water polo at the varsity level while working on his biology degree.

A full-time student at Texas Christian University, Tom Sutherland uses a video-game simulator instead of driving a car in preparation for the four-hour Monterey sports car championships. Tom developed the multi-screen simulator and driver seat complete with pedals and steering wheel that helps him mentally and physically prepare for the American LeMans series season finale at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca. Sutherland will co-drive LG Motorsports’ Chevrolet Riley Corvette C6 with Tomy Drissi and Matt Bell in the grand-touring class. Tom qualified last month at Petite LeMans.

Colette (Froehlich) Phelps, seen last summer as Martha in Theatre in the Mountains’ production of The Secret Garden, has been selected to perform in CMTSJ’s production of Oliver. Cast in the role of Nancy, she will appear with her husband, James Phelps, who has been cast as Bill Sykes. The show runs the first two weekends in December at the Montgomery Theater. For ticket information, go to www.cmtsj.org.

LGHS senior Sophia Rumasuglia will dance the roles of Snow Queen and Arabian princess with Ballet San Jose’s principal dancer Maximo Calano in San Jose Dance Theater’s production of The Nutcracker. Loma Prieta second-grader Mia Fong will perform the roles of lead soldier and cookie. The performances will he held December 4 to 6, at the Center for Performing Arts in downtown San Jose. For more information, go to www.sigt.org.

The Mountain Mermaids team participated in the Mermaid triathlon and dualthon in late September at State Beach in Aptos. Participants swam .25 mile in the ocean, bicycled 11 miles, and ran 2.5 miles. Team members were Chandler Lougée, Maya Sweedler, Karen Rajczi, Laurie Boswell, Katie and Kyra Jeffrey, Marissa Rajczi, Kisa and Siena McKenzie, and Carmen Harris.

A Young Ambassador
From Redwood Estates
Nolan Cordle

“It looks like new,” I said, admiring the cleaning job that Nick Brodine performed on my nine-year- old Audi. Nick informed me that he could also do clean-up jobs to earn extra money in the next nine months. He is one of forty seventh- and eighth-grade students from San Jose to Monterey, and the only one in the Santa Cruz Mountains, selected as a student ambassador by the People-to-People organization.

Next summer, forty students, accompanied by carefully selected educators, will embark on a 19-day learning visit to England, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland. They will meet people, perform community service, and exchange ideas.

This important journey and great honor for Nick Brodine will cost about $7,000. Nick is seeking sponsorships and is happy to provide an educational presentation of the cultural experiences gained from his trip.  He is also willing to wash cars and do odd jobs. If you need work done, or ihave any ideas that can help Nick earn funds, call him at 408-353-2226, or email nbrodine@comcast.net.

New Mountain Chiropractor
Brenda Taylor

My family and I live in the Los Gatos mountain community. As an avid hiker and Lakeside school mom of two, I have witnessed the need in our area for health and wellness care that is closer to home, as well as for commuters along Highway 17. I am a graduate of the distinguished Palmer College of Chiropractic West, hold a degree in health education, and have fifteen years of experience teaching movement and yoga, and working with the body.

I have opened Balanced Chiropractic as a place of wellness for the entire family. My wisest patient was ninety-eight, and my most youthful a newborn. You will find my office to be unique, even when compared with other chiropractors. I offer state-of-the-art, evidence-based spinal rehabilitation in a serene atmosphere of mountain peace and relaxation.

Balanced Chiropractic is located on Highway 17 at the mountain’s summit on the second floor of the Summit Properties building, 23111 Highway 17.

To learn more, visit www.BalancedChiropractic.org, email BrendaTaylorDC@email.com, or call

Los Gatos Water Polo
Mountain Kids Rule the Pool

Twenty-eight mountain students are on the Los Gatos High School water polo teams. They outnumber the town students.

So far this year the Wildcat teams are off to a great start. The girls varsity team has five mountain girls in the starting lineup: co-captains Carson Nestler and Kelly Davis, Kelsey Shyba, Stephanie Soucy, and Halle Nestler. Their record is 7-3 overall and 5-1 in league. Other varsity players include Megan Donovan and Madison Young.

JV Girls are 12-4 overall and 6-0 in league with standout mountain players Sarah O’Donnell, Meri Meighan, Kaley Korfike, and Chelsea Charbonneau. They have freshmen and sophomore support from Shelby Glenn, Julia Shuman, Christina Chiocchi, Morgan Gassmann, Mara Miljevich, Danielle Devonport, Julia Bjorge, and Danielle Magnin.
The varsity boys, led by co-captain Wes Heeter, rock-solid goalie (and ASB president) Joshua O’Donnell, and Adam Gouldsberry, won first place in the Saint Francis Invitational Tournament and are 10-3 overall.  Other varsity players from the mountains include Michael Homer, Justin Rozon, and Doug McLeod. JV boys are second in league, led by Evin Wieser. Connor Sinclair and David Lowe are also key contributors to the team.

Last summer many of the players played in high-level tournaments with their club teams. Two participated in the Junior Olympics, and several boys traveled to Hungary with the West Valley club team.

West Valley, San Jose Water Polo, and Stanford offer programs from beginner to high-level competition. For more information visit www.usawaterpolo.org or talk to the head coach at LGHS, Don Appleton, who also coaches the West Valley club. The game schedule is on the school’s website, www.lghs.net/athletics/index.asp



From our October issue

Major Douglas W. Zimmerman, son of Sally Zimmerman Reed and Bob Reed, has been accepted to the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey. Doug attended Lexington Elementary and Fisher Middle schools. He graduated from the University of Iowa. He worked four years for CNN in Atlanta. He enlisted in the army and was commissioned as an officer. Currently, he is in military intelligence. He has served in Kosovo, Iraq, and Afganistan. Doug is married and has two children.

Gabriel Kleiner graduated in May from U.C. Berkeley with a major in psychology. He is the son of Tim and Diane Kleiner of Highland Way and the brother of Joshua Kleiner. Gabe and Josh attended Mountain Bible Christian School, Baymonte Middle School, and Valley Christian High School.se. Joshua graduated from U.C. Santa Barbara in 2007 and works in the Santa Barbara area as a computer engineer.

On October 6, National Geographic Children’s Books is releasing Martha (Marty) Kendall’s Alive in the Killing Fields: Surviving the Khmer Rouge Genocide. Marty is a longtime mountain resident and author of more than twenty books that range from college texts to children’s picture books. She teaches a world literature course at San Jose City College where Nawuth Keat was one of her students. On the last day of class, he asked her if he could share the story of his life. Nawuth tells of his childhood, his family’s tragedies, constant hunger, and his escape from Cambodia. As painful as the telling of his life was, when Marty asked if he would like to discontinue the interviews, he answered that “...he wanted people to know what happened.  “Here is Nawuth’s truth.” For information, see Marty’s website, www.MarthaKendall.com.


From our September issue

Beginning Monday, September 7 through Monday, October 5, mountain photographer Judy Bingman’s wildlife photographs will be featured at Gallery Saratoga, 14435-A Big Basin Way in Saratoga. She loves watching and photographing polar bears, but she said that on her most recent trips, she enjoyed focusing on grizzlies. A reception for Judy at the gallery will he held Sunday, September 13 from 1 to 5 p.m.

Jennie Ann Marie Thomas, daughter of Nannette and Ronald Thomas, was selected as a state finalist in the National American Miss Pageant over the summer. She has participated in several competitions over the last few years.

Two CTE students, Sara Sterry and Joan Yun, participated in a summer program at Stanford University. The program sponsored by the American Association of University Women focuses on studying math, science, and technology. This important program encourages young women to consider careers in math, science, and technology.

Lisa Smith, daughter of TeriAnn and Kerry Smith, graduated magna cum laude June 13, from Santa Clara University. She was a member of Phi Beta Kappa with a double major in political science and history. This fall, she will attend law school at Santa Clara University. She attended Loma Prieta, graduated from CTE in 2001, and graduated from Los Gatos High School in 2005. Her brothers are Clinton and Brady Smith.

Two mountain girls, Lisa Colombo and Kaelyn Rohm, were members of a softball team that earned their participation in a national game sponsored by ASA Western Nationals held in Kaysville, Utah.

Loretta Boyer McClellan, Realtor®, Seres®, and Green, with Coldwell Banker, Saratoga office, has achieved her senior Real Estate Specialist designation. This special education offers the tools and resources to better serve the unique need of 50+ real estate buyers and sellers.

Joshua O’Donnell, son of Earle and Joanne O’Donnell, successfully ran for president of ASB at LGHS 2009. His goal was to add value to the ASB card that each student uses. He met with LGHS administrators and also talked with Los Gatos mayor Mike Wassermann. Joshua proposed a new program called Friends of Los Gatos High School. The students will be given discounts at member stores in Los Gatos. The LGHS website lists 22 businesses participating in the Friends of Los Gatos High School program.

Summit Veterinary Hospital
Welcome Our New Veterinarian

Dr. Sullenberger will be with us four days a week, seeing patients, treating sick pets, and performing surgeries. She is an enthusiastic young doctor who brings many hours of experience and enthusiasm to our staff.

Dr. Sullenberger attended UC Santa Cruz, where she majored in molecular, cellular, and developmental biology. After graduation, she attended Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, where heavy emphasis was placed on hands-on participation in the learning process. She spent two years in clinical rotation in the major branches of veterinary medicine.

The majority of her time was spent working with small animals, so with her expertise we hope to add birds and pocket pets to our list of clients. Some of her volunteer activities included work at Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital, the Marine Mammal Center, and Long Marine Lab.

Dr. Sullenberger lives with her husband in Santa Cruz. She surfs, plays volleyball and softball, and knits.


From our August issue

Local Girl Scout Troop 11004 members helped save a mare and foal in cooperation with Aptos Pregnant Mare Rescue. The Scouts are Alison Hill, Emily McCord, Alex Scott, Marion Wellington, and Jordi Wiseman. They hosted a ponyfest at Hummer Ranch attended by a hundred children and their families. The Scouts raised $900 that was used to adopt a mare and her ten-month foal.

LGHS varsity volleyball team completed a successful season. Team members who earned spots on the All-Mercury News Spring Sports were Trevor Rowell, first team, and Jeff Barnett, second team. Individual honors went to Jeff Barnett as sophomore of the year. Honorable-mention awards went to Beau Barren, setter, and Storm Slivkoff, opposites.

Leah Toeniskoetter, daughter of Charles and Linda Toeniskoetter, is a long-distance bicyclist. She organized a group of 24 cyclists to participate in the 27th Annual Death Ride of 129 miles through the Sierras. They rode with about 3,000 other cyclists. This is Leah’s fourth ride. She and her team members hope to raise $18,000 for the Valley Medical Center Foundation and Turning Wheels for Kids. The latter donates about 2000 bicycles to children every December.

C.T. English School students participated in the Silicon Valley championships for sixth-, seventh-, and eighth-grade students in track and field events. Among the eighth- grade boys Grant Maruya placed fourth in the long jump. The eighth-grade 400 relay team placed fifth. Summer Vance placed fifth in the 60-meter hurdles. The seventh- grade girls individual results featured Alexandria Gallizzoli, fourth in the shot put. Among the sixth-grade boys Drake Smedt was first in the long jump. Among the sixth-grade girls Caice Lanovaz won the long jump (13.5.25) and was fourth in the 100-meter dash. Kathryn Farley placed fourth in the shot put and first in the discus.  Serena Dudas placed first in the 60-meter hurdles.

Kristina Irvin, chiropractor and long-distance runner, completed her tenth Western States 100-mile run from Squaw Valley to Auburn. She is the tenth woman in 35 years to accomplish this feat. Kristina finished in a time of 29:50 on a very hot day.

Jared McClellan, son of Steven and Loretta McClellan, was inducted into the LGHS Japanese Honor Society.

Barbara Harriman of Coldwell Banker has earned the California Association of Realtors’® Graduate, Realtor® Institute GRI real estate designation. The GRI is recognized by real -estate professionals as the most advanced and comprehensive training program for real-estate agents.
The Los Gatos Rowing Club trains on Lexington Reservoir. Among the rowers are Tara Collishaw and Allie Langhoff. The lightweight girls team has won the national title for the third straight year.

Grant and Barbara Bishop are pleased to announce the engagement of their daughter Elizabeth to Kevin Cunningham, son of Bruce and Debby Cunningham of Los Gatos. Elizabeth and Kevin are graduates of C.T. English and Los Gatos High School. Elizabeth works in finance in Los Gatos; Kevin works for CalFire. Their wedding will be this fall. They plan to live in the Santa Cruz Mountains.



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