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Welcome to Surfnet Communications

Surfnet Communications is a Central Coast-based, community-oriented broadband Internet Service provider (ISP) that enables local businesses and residents to fully leverage the Internet for their work, study and play. Our emphasis for the past 10-years has been on broadband wireless access for mountain and coastal communities that are un-served by DSL or Cable.

We have recently expanded our capabilities and expertise also to provide fiber to selected areas. Our network started in Santa Cruz County, and now spans down to San Luis Obispo County and parts of Santa Clara County.

We have steadily upgraded our network performance and reliability to meet growing broadband demands. Our expansion to fiber enables us to continue providing large underserved areas of Central California with affordable, high-speed Internet services so essential to economic development, education and social benefits of our Central Coast Region.

We'd like to conduct a quick survey to see how we may better serve our rural customers! Click here to start the survey.

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Broadband for Mountain and Coastal Communities

"Surfnet has been a real asset to our local businesses, our homes, and our community. Their wireless broadband offers speeds from 1Mbps to 50 Mbps and provides connectivity in locations where DSL and Cable are not available. They are faster than satellite and have a team of real networking experts and live support that I can call anytime."